Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another slight delay

The obligatory sunset photo, from Friday evening

Sorry, folks, but I'm going to put off the other half of my Weekend Assignment portrait of Tucson until Sunday afternoon. Today I slept in, of course (almost 12 hours of sleep? Or was it 11?), and that always puts me behind on getting stuff done. But I got out and bought a pair of pants, which I needed rather badly, and read a bit of someone's chapter four (not mine!), and saw a fantasy movie on Sci-Fi that wasn't half bad, and tinkered with a few Wikipedia entries. But my main achievement of the day is that I finally got another installment of The Jace Letters posted! That took some time, because I kept going back and adding bits to it. I even researched Jace's college and pre-college educational options. My little girl is growing up fast! ;)

John's eBay score.

In other news, yesterday's mail included John's latest eBay purchase, a stack of Jack and Jill magazines from 1960. This is the magazine from which I got my first rejection slip as a writer, back when I was seven years old. We got them for a cover story about Kevin "Moochie" Corcoran at Disneyland. It was just a silly puff piece, and most of the pictures were in black and white; but it's still a cool thing to have. Another issue had a photo spread of Swiss Family Robinson, a Disney movie in which Kevin co-starred as Franz Robinson. The other issues had fun surprises like Captain Kangaroo demonstrating Easter craft projects, and bad poetry about our brand new state, Hawaii. Coincidentally, I learned about Hawaii from Captain Kangaroo back in 1960. I was three years old.

Moochie at Disneyland. What's with the long hair?

The other news is that your friend and mine, John Scalzi, won the John W. Campbell Award tonight for best new writer in the field of science fiction. This is a huge honor, and although I still haven't read Old Man's War I have no doubt that the award is well deserved. If you've enjoyed Scalzi's writing, online or off, I urge you to go to By the Way or Whatever and offer your congratualtions.

Meanwhile, though, having already done this, I'm going to bed!


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Becky said...

Oh my gosh! I remember that magazine. I used to read it at the dentist's office when I was a kid. LOL! Ranger Rick too.