Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nothing Much

No staying up until dawn tonight, as I sometimes do on Friday nights. I'm exhausted. Tonight I was going to write about the other two interesting things about Tucson, but I'm postponing it. The beginnings of one of the entries for this is saved as a draft; I'll come back to it.

I found out on Thursday that one of my co-workers from another department at Unnamed Largish Company is the daughter of a couple that lives two doors down from me. She gave me more details about the fallen tree that the yellow crane removed the other morning. Apparently the people whose roof was damaged had only bought the house this past spring They weren't home when the tree fell on the roof early Monday evening. When they got back, half the neighborhood was outside looking at the tree and the damaged roof. It was even on the local news that night. I hope their insurance covers this! It wasn't a storm that brought down the tree, either, at least not in any immediate way. Trees around here often have shallow roots, so they can grab water near the surface of the soil when it rains. But a big tree with shallow roots isn't terribly stable, now is it?

And here's another update: I haven't finished writing that email about my Heirs submission. As Julie pointed out, the people I need to reach at at Worldcon in L.A. right now, so emailing New York this week would have been rather futile. That's okay. I've waited six months for an answer on my partial-and-synopsis. I can certainly wait a little longer to contact the people at Tor about it.

My eyes keep closing here. Good night!


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