Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Weather of the Heart

It's that time of the fortnight again! A fortnight is two weeks. This particular fortnight was three weeks long, but we'll skip lightly over that technicality. Usually these Round Robin things are every second Wednesday, so that's once a fortnight. I've probably never used this word before, except maybe as part of a joke. I'm making up for it now. Fortnight! Fortnight! Fortnight!

Where was I?

Oh, yes! It's Wednesday, or will be in half an hour. More than that, it's a Round Robin Wednesday! This week's topic, as suggested by Chris of "My Photographic Life," is "Emotions." Is giddiness an emotion? 'Cause I think I went on a little giddiness bender in the first paragraph.

I don't take a lot of pictures of faces, so here's what I've been thinking about on this one. There are a lot of metaphorical connections in popular culture between weather and emotions. For example, Dylan Thomas wrote a poem called A Process In The Weather Of The Heart:

A process in the weather of the heart
Turns damp to dry; the golden shot
Storms in the freezing tomb.
A weather in the quarter of the veins
Turns night to day; blood in their suns
Lights up the living worm.

Okay, so I'm not quite sure what he's on about. But Madeleine L'Engle has a whole poetry collection with the title The Weather of the Heart. It's one of a handful of her books I don't have, but thanks to Amazon I know what poem comes first in it. It reads, in part:

...That only you, my Lord, can see my heart
With passion's darkness tearing it apart

With storms of self, and tempests of unrest.
--Madeleine L'Engle, Within This Strange and Quickened Dust

Sure, emotion can rage like a storm in your heart. It can be anger, despair, grief, fear, anxiety, or several emotions at once, combining like thunder, wind and rain.

In any case, different kinds of weather, day and night, heat and cold, all represent different emotions. All evening my tired brain has been playing back a bit of that classic song, Stormy Weather...

Since my man and I aren't together,
Keeps rainin' all of the time.

I suppose you could also have a storm of hope and elation and the dawn of happiness. And who hasn't heard of someone with a "sunny disposition?" George Harrison's lyrics to Here Comes the Sun aren't just about the weather clearing up:

Little darling
The smile's returning to their faces...

and, more metaphorically:

I feel that ice is slowly melting...

If you don't know what that line's about, I direct you to a hit song by Foreigner.

And how about all those heroes that ride off into the sunset, and all those old travelogues that used to end, "And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, we bid farewell..."?

Sunset symbolizes peace and completion and satisfaction, the promise of a bright tomorrow. In other words, it's about happiness and contentment. It's also an excuse to post another sunset photo or two.

Can you hear me that when it rains and shines
It's just a state of mind
--The Beatles, Rain

Can day and night, heat and cold, sun and rain actually cause the emotions with which they're associated? I guess it depends on where you are and what you like, and whether you're already feeling a bit of that emotion. I grew up in metropolitan Syracuse, where it's cold and snowy and windy in the winter, muggy in the summer, rainy in spring and fall, and there are only 87 sunny days a year. Yeah, the lack of sunshine, dry days and mild temperatures can get to you after a while. But here in Tucson, where the Visitor's Bureau promises 360 sunny days (they're stretching the point, but only a little), people are happy when it finally rains. And not only people!

See? Tuffy is happy that it rained!

Me? Well, yes, I'm happy when it rains, too, in a way that I never would if I were still in Syracuse. But to return to the metaphors, I've been kind of flooded with stuff lately - and I'm feeling a bit drained.


Now go see what everyone else is doing for this Challenge. And yes, you can join in, too!

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Carly said...

We are on the same wave length again...thinking about prose & lyric. :) The photos are fantasic. Tuffy...my goodness...the ever adorable Tuffy! :) Great interpretation all around.

Sara said...

Brilliant!! I always love reading your interpretation on many topics. :)

Animated Seasons

Tammy said...

Very creative! You can always find an angle that I never would have thought of. Great mind you got there :)

Chris said...

Wow Karen, that is really great! You always make me think. I do believe there is a correlation between weather and emotion. Well, for me anyway! This is a really nice post Karen.

Suzanne R said...

I enjoyed this treatment of the theme very much. It can be amazing how much weather influences our emotions. I hadn't thought about it much before seeing your pictures and reading what you wrote here. I should have realized it, living in the rainy Northwest. :-) Very nice!

tess said...

A good rain for me always feels fresh and clean. Puppies always make me smile!

TropicRedbird said...

You always have such a unique take on each challenge! Great job ... nice sunset :D

Becky said...

This entry just made me giggle. You can always find a way to make your favorite photography subjects (sunsets, weather, and Tuffy) work for what ever the challenge is.

julie said...

What a neat interpretation of the challenge! Thanks for the thought-provoking entry!

_rRose said...

Karen - Cool -
Love the weather "emotions!"

Dorn said...

Hmmm, come to think of it weather DOES affect my mood.
I love rainy nights most of all.
Fabulous shots.