Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Not Ready for This

Tonight was one of those nights when my brain demanded that I go to sleep for a while before trying to do anything else. I slept for four hours. If I can get this entry in really really quickly, I can end up with seven and a half for the night.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has posted a long set of answers to my questions about disemvoweling over on Making Light. It's great stuff, refuting everything Mark claims, with examples. It puts me in a quandary, though. The Disemvoweling article has stabilized, at least for now, and nothing further about all this was posted today on Wikipedia by Mark or the Wikipedia advocate or anyone else. For tonight, at least, I'm not going to disturb the peace.


"Is that a dust storm rolling in?" my co-worker asked tonight, long after most people had left for the day. I rushed to the window and got these pictures:

Yes, there was a huge dust cloud on the horizon, seemingly as tall as the Catalina Mountains themselves. Immediately outside there was rain and wind. I took a little digital footage of water blowing west across the parking lot, but I haven't looked at it yet.

My co-worker hasn't been here during the summer monsoon yet. I showed him some posted pictures from last summer. He was suitably impressed.

The roof line in this last shot is the top of my building. I took this picture when I finally left work tonight.

These are all the words I'm going to string together for you tonight. Catch you Thursday night, not so late this time. Meanwhile, don't forget to sign up for the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge, "Flower Power." I'll tell you more about that in a day or two.


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Anonymous said...

Oh man, look at those pictures. Now you've gone and made me homesick.

I can understand the exhaustion of a long unpleasant brangle. The single biggest reason I come down hard on habitual jerks when I'm a moderator (aside from simply disliking them) is that constant nastiness wears out the thoughtful, responsive, engaged participants, but does no damage to sullen thugs of conversation like M.Y. In fact, I'm not sure it doesn't perk them up. They're reflexively unpleasant, have no need to think about what they're doing, so it creates no wear on their nervous systems. I've seen a really bad, prolonged flame war take out the entire top echelon of what had been a pleasant virtual gathering spot, and leave all the jerks intact.

You know what the worst thing is about Mrk.Yrk? He's a type. There's nothing individually noteworthy about him at all. He's exactly like all those other touchy, thin-skinned, bad-mannered, self-important, inconsiderate, opinionated, third-rate intellectuals that are perennially overrepresented in the class of all persons who get disemvowelled. It's impossible to kill 'em all. New ones just keep turning up. They're like cockroaches.


Georganna Hancock said...

This is the first I've heard of "disemvowelling", although I was arbitrarily banned from a forum recently. It's a problem when people set themselves up as little gods (and goddesses) and others begin to worship ... I try to step around this sort of crap. More important matters fill the world of writing wherein I dwell.

Great photos, Karen! Keep 'em coming.

Bea said...

Okay, I'm back, Karen. And this disemvowelling I've never heard of, and now I'm wondering if I really need to know more... so I will read your previous entries to find out more because you may have written more about it in my absence. You may be sleep deprived, but those early morning shots (from your perspective, those early morning visions)are sights denied us the rest of the day. Is that your reward? Bea