Monday, June 26, 2006

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

I suppose I've been moderately productive today. I've
  • da quiltserved at Mass as both cruicifer and lector,
  • taken photos of a quilt the St. Michael's quilting group is raffling off,
  • added a citation to the Route 66 article, based on the research "Toddpence" did,
  • edited most of Chapter Three of Mages of Mâvarin,
  • doubled back to Chapter Two for a few more edits,
  • gone grocery shopping without buying ice cream or other Bad Things,
  • started my laundry (finally, at 1:10 AM),
  • recycled some cans,
  • made some progress on my FeedBlitz backlog of blogs to read, and
  • revamped my sidebar.

So yay, me! On the other hand,
  • close-up.  I like the sun design.I didn't scan my mom's sheet music for my brother, as promised;
  • I didn't get to the gym;
  • I didn't scan and edit my backlog of Fr. Douglas's sermons;
  • I didn't go through the mail;
  • I didn't clean up my office or bathroom, at least not much;
  • I didn't get my only-socks-that-fit into the laundry;
  • I didn't write my installment of The Jace Letters;
  • I didn't update the church's web site; and
  • I didn't get to bed at a reasonable hour.
So shame on me, too! Isn't that how it goes? No matter how much we get done, there's always something else being neglected. Well, that's true in my life, anyway. Maybe you're not as overextended as I am. Or maybe you just manage your time better! Notice that the stuff I did get done tends to be the "fun" stuff.

Still, I'm pleased that I'm on a roll with the editing, after a rather long period of letting myself be distracted by other things. I do have some challenges that I'm starting to run into with it - but that will have to be a subject for another night.

different layers and types of clouds todayTucson's weather is making monsoon-y overtures, but we haven't had significant rain yet. It's hot, and as sticky as it gets around here. Still, the clouds can be pretty.

I've developing quite a backlog of stuff to write about. I'll try to start working it this week.

Oh, a quick note about the sidebar. I added a Round Robins list, and dumped the J-Bloggers diaspora list. By now, anyone who wanted to know where their favorite AOL-J refugees ended up has had ample opportunity and resources to find out, assuming the blogger in question is posting anywhere at all. I got tired of scrolling past this nearly-useless list all the time, so it's gone now. For the rest, I tried to sort my links into vague categories that have nothing to do with blogging venue. A few blogs are in more than one place, and nothing is in any particular order. I'm not going to worry about that, not tonight and probably not this week.

On the other hand, losing the J-Bloggers list may mean that I'm no longer linked to a few regular readers' blogs. Sorry about that. If you're a frequent reader of the Outpost, and I know it (i.e., you comment, link or email, or all of the above), and I don't have a link to your blog on my sidebar, please let me know and I'll add it. And please consider reciprocating if you haven't already done so. Thanks!

The other thing I did, following Patrick's lead, is add a Recent Comments section to the sidebar. I had a distinguished visitor to this blog this week, but really, I treasure all of your comments. You're all esteemed visitors, at the very least!


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Becky said...

That quilt is amazing! I have such a weakness for quilts. I really should learn how to make them. I'd save a small fortune if I made them myself rather than buying them all the time. LOL

Carly said...

Lovely quilts :) It does sound like you got a lot done. Very good!

CountryGoalie said...

Oy! Mavarin!

Remember that off-kilter teenager on AOL-J who wrote about her experience on the last day of soccer practice?

Guess what: I'm still around. I'm just coming off of a blogging hiatus, but you can find me at - toodles!