Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sleepy, Wiki, Lassie and Boots

Rose asks the sleeping Doctor to wake up and help her.After struggling through the day and later going out to dinner with John, I found it necessary to nap for a couple of hours tonight before returning to the computer. Now it's very late again, so I'm going to rush this entry and go back to bed. Emergency naps like that always remind me of The Doctor after a regeneration. in Castrovalva and again in The Christmas Invasion, the Doctor talks about his dentrites (or synapses) healing. I like to think that that's what sleep does for me - or would, if I did enough of it. In The Christmas Invasion, the Doctor says he's having "a neural implosion," and proceeds to spend most of the story asleep! Perhaps I should follow his example, especially given that I'm not urgently needed to save the world. I suppose we're all needed for that, but a few more hours of sleep don't generally get in the way of that.

Other than sleeping, the main thing that I've done tonight is follow through on a request I made last night for mediation on Wikipedia. As I've mentioned before, there's been ongoing drama there about two articles, Barbara Bauer and Disemvoweling. I'm hoping that a mediator can help restore peace. Meanwhile, I've done more reading on Wikipedia policies, and generally agree with them. They basically come down to, "Let's all be kind and reasonable, okay?"

One of the things that keep me up late on Friday nights, and sometimes on other nights, is reruns of Lassie on Discovery Kids. I got pretty bored with this show in the Corey Stewart era and in the years after that, especially in episodes that mostly consisted of animals interacting with each other. But I've been enjoying the Timmy epsodes recently, and even some of the newer ones. It turns out that one of the producer-directors was William Beaudine, Jr., who worked on The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty, and, it turns out, the Quantum Leap pilot episode. Anyway, I try not to watch, but several times recently I've been sucked in by the simple stories of a magical collie and her kind-hearted owner(s). Tonight I saw the last few minutes of one with teenaged Ron Howard in it. Last week I saw one in which Timmy got to meet the Lone Ranger and sit on Silver after Lassie recovered some money stolen from the Lone Ranger's Peace Patrol, a kids' savings bond program.

The reason I ended up watching Lassie escape from dognappers tonight was that I was waiting for my computer to install and reboot, install and reboot. The original update was a Windows one, I think; but then it wanted to install two Acrobat Reader updates. I think I ended up rebooting four times. At one point the computer got caught in an endless loop, and failed to finish its start-up routine. I waited about 15 minutes before turning the computer off and starting over. Ain't technology wonderful?

And now, back to bed!


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fdtate said...

We must both have automatic updates installed. I also got stuck on the install, reboot, install, reboot cycle the other day with Windows and Adobe.