Sunday, June 11, 2006

Google Games

I'm still not ready to write that other entry I've been promising. I kind of have to be in the right state of mind - optimistic, creative, undistracted and well-rested - to do it properly. I'm relatively well-rested and definitely optimistic tonight, but I'm far from undistracted. Maybe tomorrow.

I did a couple of entries tonight in my LiveJournal, Mâvarin and Other Inspirations. I did it partly to keep that journal going, and partly because that's where I usually put meme entries. Carly thinks one of them should go here as well, so I'm going to do a version of it now.

Carly and Pat both did a meme that's sorta-kinda based on a vanity search. The idea is to Google your name and the word "needs." In the case of the name Karen, a lot of people have already been there and done this, perpetuating the same results over and over. Phooey! You can see it on the LJ if you want, but really I didn't like it much. The most interesting thing about it was that it turned up several references to a Karen who researched "neurotic needs."

orange Karen

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But that meme reminded me of a web widget called Googlism. It provides a search result for "Yourword is" in the form of an amusing list, sans links. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you a list unless it finds lots of results for the word or word string. I've done it before, but I think it's time to do it again. Googlism still doesn't have anything to say about Karen Blocher, Karen Funk Blocher or Mâvarin, but plain vanilla "Karen" yields these highlights, which I've turned into a poem, and revised a little bit from the LJ version:

Googlism for: karen

karen is dedicated to providing paper chase solutions and helping
karen is in, karen is back
karen is an “active villager” at the eev
karen is miss february 2002

karen is eller lag en film uten sanseobjekt
karen is the coolest, karen is lief
karen is currently planning trips to these cities
karen is out of the office

karen is experienced in providing advice for people of all backgrounds and situations
karen is out, karen is exceptional
karen is speaking in an area near you
karen is open and willing to listen to criticism

karen is in ingenting; gjør noe ; sover; ser i kameraet; filmer med kameraet
karen is that bad cop, karen is a christian
karen is originally from sea isle city
karen is a professional researcher

karen is commissioned by annika Öhland to create 99 snowfalls
karen is *stargazed*, karen is fifty
karen is a singer/songwriter
karen is twice as old as lori

karen is an active contributor to her community
karen is right, karen is looking
karen is a friend who is there for you always
karen is a member of lots of things

karen is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives
karen is a kind person, karen is a soft
karen is very special and caring
karen is supportive through life

karen is always interested in purchasing vintage barbie®doll
karen is, karen is correct
karen is a massage therapist for horse and rider
karen is sovner hvorfor kutt

karen is shown with a large gather of molten glass on the end of her punty
karen is killed, karen is still in danger
karen is trying to spook me? hehe
karen is safe in her home

karen is also very supportive of the things i do
karen is a strong, karen is a self,
karen is on top of the world
karen is intrigued by her shoelaces

karen is available for private consultations in the los angeles
karen is home, karen is healed
karen is a professional researcher
karen is the woman of my dreams

karen is influenced by everyone who truly loves their work
karen is author, karen is an author
karen is fixated on some subset of sentient beings
karen is very talented and very funny

karen is a woman who seems to be the only character to have relatively come to terms
karen is da bestest babe, karen is the coolest
karen is gonna kill me for this but haha
karen is so precious for me

karen is this girl years later
karen is famous, karen is at work
karen is responsible for the
karen is having a bad

karen is waiting for the lord view priestess's portfolio
karen is a picture, karen is a little slut
karen is making very
karen is the glue that holds our little ship together

Believe it or not, this is much shorter than the LJ version. No, I didn't use all of the phrases listed. The fun part is that I think one of them was actually about me this time.

And here are a few Karenisms it missed:

Karen is done posting Jace's next letter
Karen is hot, Karen is tired
Karen is up too late again
Karen is obsessed, Karen is confused
Karen is ready for bathtime


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Paul said...

As soon as I saw that meme, I thought about Googlism. I wanted to do it instead, but I could not for the life of me remember what it was called, or find a reference to it anywhere. Thanks for pointing it out now that it's too late.