Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Weekend Assignment: A Pre-Announcement Pronouncement

Tonight was the deadline for Weekend Assignment #313: Meet a Fictional Character. This was one of my WA entries, so normally one would expect the new Weekend Assignment to be posted tonight over on Carly's blog, Ellipsis.

But when you go over there, you will see something a little different:

Where'd That Thing Go? A Weekend Assignment Mystery

It's a pre-announcement announcement - a bit like this one, in fact!

Don't worry; we're not quitting on the Weekend Assignment. We are, however, taking a week off in preparation for a few exciting changes in the six year old meme. Look for a "special announcement" on the The Round Robin Photo Challenges blog this Sunday, April 11th. On that day we'll unveil new of just when and where Weekend Assignment #314 can be found!

Meanwhile, because I want to, here is a roundup of responses to Weekend Assignment #313: Meet a Fictional Character.

Karen wrote:
I'd love to meet the Doctor. He is, in the opinion of many, the best character in the history of television. The man from Gallifrey with two hearts, a time traveling blue box, a sonic screwdriver and a genius for getting in trouble, is a potent combination of fictional archetypes and originality. He's the cleverest man in the room (some would say the Universe), the trickster, the wise old man, the fool and the nutty professor. He's not the Hero with a Thousand Faces, but he has had eleven of them, even more than James Bond. We've learned a lot about the Doctor in the 47 years since he first appeared on tv, but we still don't know his real name, and probably never will.

Julie wrote:
It was the 1930's and I was in the front seat of Mrs. Murdle, Lord Peter Wimsey's Daimler. The titled sleuth himself was driving. I briefly wondered why I was in the right-hand seat, but then remembered the Daimler was of German manufacture, and therefore most likely left-hand drive. (The things you think about in dreams.) Wimsey's valet Mervyn Bunter was in the back seat, one hand on his derby, playing tour guide. Wimsey was content to stick to his driving, for we were going utterly fast - as was usual for him - through the twisty mountain roads.

Sherrie wrote:
The fictional character I would love to meet is Stephanie Plum from the books by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie is a bounty hunter, well kind of, she has lots of help and she has lots of interesting people to hunt down. There has been 15 books about Stephanie and number 16, Sizzling 16 comes out for release June 22, 2010.

Florinda wrote:
I'd like to meet Lorelai Gilmore for a chat over a big cup of coffee...but somewhere other than at Luke's Diner, so we won't be interrupted by Stars Hollow's more colorful townfolk. I'm not sure what I'd ask her, but I suspect her answer would be fast, wordy, and loaded with pop-culture references. Sigh - I still miss Gilmore Girls.

Florinda also posted the Twittered responses of a bunch of other folks. Check them out!

Mike wrote:
So, I'm going to go even farther back (Jenn can probably see where I'm going) and say I'd like to meet Lt. Columbo. Wasn't he the best. He was great at playing dumb and allowing the bag guy (or girl) to think he had know idea what was going on then let them hang themselves, so to speak. It's still on of my favorite shows. I wanted to go as him one year for Halloween, but Jenn thought nobody would get it. Maybe she was right. I need to find an old Peugeot to drive to complete the outfit. 

That's it for now! Be sure to check in on the blogs listed above, and remember to check the Round Robin blog this weekend. Saturday is the day for Round Robin Challenge: An Almost Photo, and you're all invited to play along. See the Round Robin blog (preferably before Saturday) for details. Then on Sunday, we'll unveil our Big Announcement. Be there! Aloha!


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