Saturday, April 24, 2010

Round Robin: 3 x 3, Part One: Oh, Hail!

Appropriately, this is going to be a three part response to Round Robin: Anything in Threes (for 4/24/10). This Challenge was suggested by Marie of the blog Photographs and Memories. The idea is to present one theme in three images. And look! I'm going to do this three times!

This first theme takes advantage of an accident of weather. Tucson had a huge temperature drop this week, and on Thursday afternoon I heard hail hitting the roof. Naturally, I had to try to photograph it.

This shot of hail on our painted concrete patio is cropped from a much larger image.

Hail hitting my car doesn't look all that different from rain on the car, but I like the visible "dripping" effect here. Those aren't drips - they're falling hailstones, picked up by my camera flash.

Hailstones hide in the grass in another cropped image.

And that's it for Part One! Here's Part One of the Linking List:

Linking List, Part One
as of 7:15 PM MST

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Day One.

Part Two will be up in a few minutes.


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