Saturday, April 24, 2010

Round Robin: 3 x 3, Part Two: Wonders of Williams Center

Here comes Part Two of my three part response to Round Robin: Anything in Threes (for 4/24/10). This entry is devoted to the theme I actually planned for this Challenge, the Wonders of Williams Center.

Williams Center is a shopping center and financial and tech office park just off Broadway Blvd east of Rosemont in Tucson. What I like about it is the variety of innovative, sometimes wacky architecture of the office buildings, almost as if financial institutions and technology firms had a sense of humor, or at least a sense of style. At one end of the office park is Barnes and Noble, the parking lot of which provides a great view of this triangular office tower. I like the way the reflective north side of the building was almost invisible to the camera on this white and blustery day.

Back before the company collapsed, a large portion of First Magnus's corporate offices were in this building, which is almost two buildings. Before that, it was home to Citibank. Citibank sold its Tucson branches to Norwest which became First Interstate which became Wells Fargo, and that bank branch isn't even there now. But a bank that St. Michael's deals with is upstairs, and so is one of my recruiters, the one that placed me in most of my recent temp jobs. None of which has anything to do with the fact that I love the building's chunky, missing-building-blocks look.

Williams Center Drive starts between the chunky blocks building and the shopping center, and meanders south and east to Craycroft Road. A company that didn't hire me is on that drive, and AOL used to have several buildings full of tech support and "customer retention" people back there. But my favorite building by far is this one, with its giant red roof thingy that looks like a fairground ride. I had the impression that years ago I saw running water flowing over those red curves in an artificial waterfall, but I think now I was wrong. There's another building, The Springs at Williams Center, that absolutely for sure used to have a water feature. Given that Tucson is in the desert, and moreover has been in a drought for over a decade, the fountains at the Springs no longer flow.

And that's Part Two! Part Two of the Linking List is below. Part Three of my entry is coming up!

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Monica said...

What an interesting building, the red curvey roof does look like a slide type ride at a fair or amusement park. =)