Sunday, April 18, 2010

EMPS: Drives Me Up a Wall!

I was a little under the weather this afternoon and overslept, and when I woke up my computer crashed, so I missed the deadline on Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #85: Strange or Unusual Sights. But I'm going to show you what I was working on for it. I never got the ideal shot, which I've been trying for for months, long before this EMPS. But here are a few of the attempts:

The most strange or unusual sight I see on a regular basis is the optical illusion created by this credit union. The entire inverted pyramid (with the tip cut off) is made of glass, which reflects the driveway next to the building. When a customer heads for their drive through window, passers-by are treated to the sight of a car driving up the wall.

The credit union - formerly the confusingly-named Fifth Third Bank - is at the corner of Speedway and Wilmot, just one light away from St. Michael's. I go past it when I make a deposit at yet another bank further north, or head for the mountains. Sometimes I'm stopped at the light, and traffic willing, I pull out my camera and hope for the best. Cars don't make that impossible drive all that frequently, and it's over in a second. But after months of trying, I finally caught an image of a car on the wall. It's not the full-on, glorious shot I've been trying for, or from the right angle, but it is a car, and it is on the wall.

Yes it is. Really. Look closely at the left side of the building.

I had tentatively planned to park at Trader Joe's this weekend and watch for this sight, but I forgot and I suppose the bank would have been closed anyway, and there would have been six lanes of traffic in the way. So this is all you get, 90 minutes late and far from impressive compared to what I was trying for. Drives me up the wall!

Just for the heck of it, here are two other photos from this week. The man in the Statue of Liberty costume (advertising an office of Liberty Tax) is not at all an unusual sight here in Tucson at tax time, but I do find the sight of Liberty with facial hair kind of strange! The other photo is of someone from the city inspecting a traffic enforcement camera he just repaired. I don't see that every day, although it's at an intersection very close to where I live.



Carly said...

Hi Karen

Someone had a brilliant idea with this place! I like the way the reflections look in the window, Very cool.



Jama said...

Interesting building! I think I've seen it somewhere in the net about an inverted pyramid building, just can't be sure in which country/state.

fdtate said...

A very neat building. I hope you'll keep trying and get us a good photo of a car driving along the wall.

Wammy said...

The building is very different!

Sandy said...

That is certainly an unusual building! I'm afraid I might get confused if looking at it while driving! LOL We have the Liberty guys in Texas too. Still very strange. Great post!