Sunday, April 04, 2010

EMPS: Fave Thing of the Moment

Ack! As busy as I've been today, I almost forgot to do Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #83: Your Favorite Things!

This is my favorite thing of the moment, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. What makes it so special, aside from the fact that the Eleventh Doctor's adventures began on the BBC yesterday (aside from a one minute scene on New Year's Day), is that I'm now a subscriber. This just came in the mail on Friday, only a few days after UK subscribers got it. Buying it at Borders or Barnes and Noble, I would have had to wait two months.

Aside from my Doctor Who addiction, what's the big deal?  First off, it's just a really well done magazine. It covers the entire 47-year history of the show with depth, humor and real scholarship. Every month there are interviews with people involved in the making of the show, some recently, some not. There are substantive articles on stories last aired twenty, thirty or forty years ago, and overview articles about one aspect or character in the show. There is even geeky satire for long-time fans like me, who know why it's funny to mention the Rani or the the phrase "five rounds rapid." It's the Guinness-certified longest running magazine about a tv show, and the top selling sf media magazine in the world. And it deserves to be.

DWM (as it's called) publishes 13 issues a year plus four specials. Each issue costs about $8 or $9 in the bookstore, having been imported from across the Pond. The specials cost more than that. When you multiply it out, the approximately $140 U.S. subscription cost doesn't look too bad, especially if there's a birthday check from Dad to pay for most of it. Add in the joy of reading about an episode just before it airs and a poll that's still open for input rather than finding out two months later, and it turns out that for a serious Doctor Who fan like me, it's totally worth it.

As you can see, Cayenne is excited about it too. Well, maybe not!



Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

I was never into fanzines, although I have picked up one or two Soap Opera Digests over the years, that counts, right? As for Dr. Who, I may have seen an episode or two, but it was sometime in the early 80's and I don't remember much about it. My favorite found it amusing, and a good pal of mine was an avid viewer, but somehow I just never caught the bug I guess.


Carly said...

Of course, "My favorite" should read, "My father." Fibromyalgia and a cold storm outside, makes for a confusing combo in my brain. Sheesh. I mix my words up... fun. :(

Jama said...

Like Carly, I'm never a fan of any magazine! most of them contained too many advertisements.

Suzanne R said...

My son J.D. liked Dr. Who for a while as a teenager; I don't know if he still does. He does like some comic books at age 41, so that's not what I would consider too unusual. I haven't followed Dr. Who myself. I'm glad you have followed him and the series gives you pleasure.