Saturday, April 10, 2010

Round Robin: "Almost Photos" - Missed It By That Much!

This week's Round Robin Challenge: An Almost Photo, was suggested by Steven of (sometimes)photoblog back in 2007. The idea is to show off photos that are interesting but flawed in some way, and "didn't quite work out." Hey, I must have lots of those! Here are some of the ones I found going through my archives tonight:

From Round Robin Photo Challenges

This is the St. Augustine Cathedral on South Stone Avenue at the south end of downtown Tucson. Based on the Cathedral in Queretaro, Mexico (supposedly), this Spanish Colonial style church was built starting in the late 19th century. Somehow I've never found a good vantage point to photograph it properly, in part because I usually pass by it as I'm hurrying home from someplace else. I've probably taken about three photos like this one over the years, rather than take the time to do it right. Someday I will make the necessary detour to photograph it without traffic lights and signs in the way.

One of the biggest problems I have photographing my dogs, Cayenne and Pepper, is catching them when they aren't in motion, so I keep them in frame and don't end up with dog-shaped blurs. Here they are at Molino Basin in March. I like the curve of the safety rail and the bright colors of Cayenne's two bandannas and recently-added lei. But nope, sorry, Cayenne's head did not wait for me to press the shutter button!

The dogs are often at their very cutest when they hang out on the bed with us. But if I grab the camera, they suddenly remember a prior engagement and take off.

This one was my fault, an experimental shot that doesn't quite work. I was trying to photograph Cayenne  from beneath her on the floor as she lay on the couch. Here you see another problem with photographing dogs at night: the flashed-out eye color.

This is a fan at a Doctor Who convention, dressed as a monster called a Weeping Angel - a statue that covers its eyes, but then comes to life and attacks when you aren't looking at it, such as when you blink. Without flash, the photo came out very grainy, but that almost works for someone who is supposed to look like she's made of stone.

This ragged flag flies in my neighborhood. I'm guessing it's a situation of keeping a particular flag flying until some loved one returns home for good from Iraq or Afghanistan. But photographing the rapidly moving flag at sunset turned out rather strange-looking. Click on this photo and arrow over to the one after it to see a slightly better attempt.

From Bat Night 2009

I found "Bat Night" in the Rillito riverbed last September quite challenging to photograph. Thousands of bats. photographed as they take off from the underside of a bridge at dusk, are tiny, fast-moving and kind of hard to see. In this shot they look more like dead leaves than flying mammals.

That's it from me for tonight/this morning. Be sure to check out everyone else's "almost" photos:

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maryt/theteach said...

I think I like the flag shot, Karen! :)

Scrabblequeen said...

LOL...yeah, I have lots of pics of my dogs that are blurry, or tails, or glowing eyes, too! In fact, I posted some on purpose, earlier this week.

Carly said...

Hey Karen :)

I dunno, I love a couple of this photos. The one of the flag is really interesting, and the one of Cayenne...upside quirky and fun. I would enjoy seeing you expand on that idea. Could be very cool!


Monica said...

Now you have me wondering what the story is behind the flag photo.

As for the dogs it seems as soon as mine sees the camera he has to move or stop doing what it was that was so darn cute!

fdtate said...

Pets, like children, can be very difficult subjects.

I'm not sure what kind of camera you have or how much control you have over the settings, but you definitely needed a faster shutter speed on the flag. It's still an interesting shot and I'd be interested to hear the story behind it. Neglect or something more personal?

And I don't have a clue as to how you could take a good photo of a swarm of bats.

Jama said...

I like the photo of the flag, it's shown movement.

Gattina said...

Maybe the pictures are not as they should be but I had a lot of fun to look at them and am still laughing !