Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Treasure Hunt

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off a ring that has some special meaning to you. Wedding bands are an obvious example, but if you have other rings that have a story behind them, that's good too.

To be honest, I don't have any rings that mean all that much to me. I don't wear rings very often, for three reasons:
  1. I don't even think of it, because it's not worth the trouble.
  2. Rings tend to bother me, because they're too loose or too tight, or chafe my skin or make it itch, or I feel them against the adjacent finger and just can't stop fiddling with them.
  3. Having lost my wedding ring a few months after getting married, I don't want to repeat the experience.
But I do have a lot of jewelry, most of it inherited from my mom and my grandmother. Let's see what we can find, shall we?

Yow! Look at all this stuff.

Digging through the boxes, I came up with only a few rings that weren't already in the main jewelry box I've had for many years. Top left is one of my mom's old wedding bands, which she gave me to replace the one I lost. Top right is a mood ring. Proceeding clockwise, we come to a cheap metal smiley face ring, a Zuni ring with nice stone inlay, an aquamarine or something surrounded by diamonds (or so I assume; it's labeled 14k), Black Rose Kate's skull ring, and my grandmother's ruby ring. I don't remember for sure how I got the face one, but I think it came in a box of junk during our eBay days. The one with the blue stone was a gift from Mom, but I don't remember why or when or how. Aquamarine is my birthstone, so it may not be a hand-me-down.

There are a few rings missing at the moment: my carved silver Hopi ring and the clunky opal one I had made in imitation of my mom's nicer opal ring. I think we buried her still wearing that one. Oh, and I didn't see the cheap pearl ring from the Sea World pearl hunt attraction. The others will turn up. After all, they almost never leave the house.

The rings in the open drawer of this earring caddy were my mom's.

I don't know what was in the one on the left, but it was my mom who lost it, unless the stone is in with her earrings somewhere. The other is a diamond ring, which I think my dad got her around 1965 to 1970, probably as an anniversary gift.

If I have to pick the one that means something, I guess I'll go with the ruby. When Mom passed it on to me from my grandmother, I tried to wear it for a while, but it was too big for me. The black thread was to keep it from falling off, but it looked bad and it didn't help much. So back in the box it went!



kmm said...

I have tried to email you a couple of times and keep getting a failure notice. Kerrin

Antonette said...

Ok, I would have way too much fun going thru the jewelry boxes.

Enjoy your week!