Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Night at the Museum of the Weird

Your Monday Photo Shoot: It's Night! Take a picture. Naturally, taking a picture inside at night (i.e., where it's well lit and indistinguishable from day) won't do; take a picture that captures some of the quality of the night time. Also: No sunset photos. We'll save them up to do another time.

I took this photo outside, but the picture is of the inside of the Museum of the Weird, specifically the den, as seen through the sliding glass doors. The dark, slightly menacing shape in the foreground is a dying, potted Christmas tree. On the left is our ever-growing wall of storage boxes. Across the room are my dolls and a framed drawing by Disney animator Marc Davis.

This was taken more or less in the same spot, but pointing the camera in a different direction, toward the kitchen.

Here's the view from inside, looking out. through the same sliding glass doors. Note the midcentury modern curtains.

This is from a poolside garden area at the Tempe hotel where we stayed last weekend (La Fiesta Resort). It's full of those round reflection things again. I experimented a few times with saturation and effects, but this particular edit is only somewhat adulterated for levels and saturation.

Aside from taking and editing the home photos above, I've been tweaking my query to an agent all night. The query has responded much better to my efforts than the photos have. I'm fairly confident that it will be ready to be sent by tomorrow night. But I must sleep, and soon, so I'll probably only pack one or two boxes tonight. Sorry, John! I'll do better tomorrow.



Kimberleigh said...

Loved the shot of the palm trees! Like looking up the neck of a tall giraffe! lol



Sarah said...

I love that first picture. It's got such an eerie quality. I'm sure that it is not that creepy-looking in real life!