Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Light Hand

left handright hand

It's Round Robin time again! Our topic this time, "The Hand... Untouched!", comes to us from Brad of "We-Is." He explains it thus:

"Take a photo of your hand. Post it untouched, without any digital enhancements. Then, tell us about your settings (and shooting conditions) and what you would do to enhance... post capture. For those of you that like to run enhancements - post that too, as a before and after."

I started with four ordinary shots of my hands (front and back of each), taken with my Sony Cybershot in the reasonably well-lit kitchen, using flash and the macro setting. All I've done to these is reduce the size. Note that I'm wearing my Hopi ring, just to show that I've found it since last night.

Then I took two of the photos and played. This one has four edits: dark marker, twist, pinch and mosaic.

This one has had five edits: wind, solarization, neon edges, contour drawing and um, I forget.

It occurred to me belatedly that I could take a few shots in which the hand was not lit normally. So I turned off the flash (but left it on macro and auto), and did a few backlit shots. This is me reaching out to frame Hook's hook. I was shooting for my hand to look at bit like a hook, but really it's more of a flipper.

And for this one I simply held up my hand next to my desk lamp.


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Gattina said...

Oh that's very nice ! I don't know but I think I misunderstood or maybe I didn't read correctly otherwise I would have loved to try out other things with hands. But I still can do it later. It was quite difficult for me to find a hand, lol ! I have hundreds of paw pictures but in hands I am short !

Suzanne R said...

Very creative, your variety of hand shots. I really need to learn how to use Photoshop to get varying effects on my photos. Well done!

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Really cool variety of shots. I like the "jazz hands." :) Lovely as usual. :)

Always, Carly :)

Janet said...

Very creative ideas! I love what you did with this challenge :-)

Steven said...

Cool. Nice tour of effects. I've forgotten the look some of those give. Pinch is a fun one.

Becky said...

I know you don't normally wear jewelry...but I must say the ring looks very nice on your hand.

Brad said...

Very nice.
Thanks for sharing!