Monday, March 19, 2007

Progris Riport #2; Wild Blue Yonder

Know what these are?

These are the boxes I've hauled out of my office in the last couple of days. A few of them, especially the odd-sized ones, were aleady boxed, more or less. The rest were not. I've emptied my trash at least five times, filled two shoeboxes with more trash, and discarded old packing and other large items in two other, larger trash bins. And you know what? It's finally starting to look better. I know you don't have a "before" picture for comparison, but take a look at the "after" as of tonight:

The rest of the stuff in the closet here, including the bookcases, will also go away, so that John can put in new flooring and build more efficient shelving. Meanwhile, you can see what I mean about the ratty orange carpeting. Yuck!


A word of photographic advice to those of you who may live under the flight path of an annual air show, and think it would be a good idea to get pictures of the Blue Angels and other jets. Prepare to be frustrated. These guys are fast! By the time they get close enough to be much more than a dot on the viewfinder, it's almost too late to take the shot, leaving you with something like this:

It didn't help that I failed to identify the sound of their approach as coming from behind me. They went directly over my head, but by the time I snapped the picture, they were tiny leaf shapes at the very edge of the frame. Fortunately for me, they gave me a second chance a couple minutes later. This time I almost got the shot:

One of the problems was that they were mostly flying in front of the sun, which threw its glare on fairly heavy cloud cover. I've darkened these last two photos considerably so that you can see everything: the jets, the sun and the patterns of the clouds and jet trails. They really were "flying high right into the sun!"

Good night!



Paul said...

I like that picture of four jets overlapped in one corner, and the sun in the other.

Steven said...

The jets are cool, you did great. The formation flying toward the sun is super. I also like the one where the lead is off frame. They are fast.