Monday, March 26, 2007

Look What We Dug Up!

I must go to bed, so I'll just mention a few things in passing:

1. I wrote another Ficlet, mostly for promotional purposes. For this one I finally used the Dennys doorway / freeways to anywhere idea I've had kicking around in my head for 20 years, looking for a story.

2. We went to see Ernie Menehune to night at Kon Tiki. No, I'd never heard of him either, but he's evidently been around forever. The photo on this flyer has to be at least 40 years old, probably closer to 50. Review to follow.

3. John discovered today that under the awful orange carpeting is some rather nice tile. This means we probably won't buy flooring for my office, and we'll have the project done that much sooner. It also means I can move this computer from the underlit kitchen back into my office, at least temporarily.

But not tonight. Aloha!

1 comment:

Bea said...

Very nice tiling on that floor... You'll have a new office space before you know it. REminds me of when I fixed the spare bedroom into an office just over a year ago. I didn't change the flooring, though... wish I had. I think next time I'll put in new flooring and new paint on walls. I love make-overs. Can't wait to see your new office. bea