Saturday, May 08, 2010

Round Robin: The Land Rises to Meet the Sun (Part Two)

This is a continuation of the entry above. Please scroll up if you haven't seen it, and then come back for this one.

The story so far:

For the Round Robin Photo Challenge Land or Sea, I chased the sun up Mount Lemmon Highway on Friday morning at dawn. After Manzanita Vista, I started back down the mountain, pausing for a few more shots along the way.

Daylight still had not penetrated everywhere. Then again, the late afternoon shadows have much the same effect on the mountainsides.

I had noticed a cardboard sign at Molino Basin Vista that read, simply, "CABA." I'm assuming it was a meeting place for a bicycling group. From there to the bottom of the mountain and along Catalina Highway between the mountain and the city, dozens of cyclists were riding, onward and upward. Even by then they were only in the sun part of the time.

Incredibly, I also saw a jogger around the five mile mark, jogging up the mountain. As for me, I was coasting on four wheels and frequently hitting the brakes, conserving what was left of my gas. And yes, I did make it all the way back to my neighborhood gas station.

So that was my morning adventure. Then at dinnertime, the sun fell to again meet its lover the land - and to close out a day of powering up the solar grid by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Now let's go see who else chose to stay close to the land, and who went to see the sea!

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sunflowerkat321 said...

Wow!! An entire day's worth of great photos of terra firma.

Thanks for sharing so many terrific images.


PS - I rsvp'd late. Sorry....
Here's my link.

Suzanne R said...

So many great pictures! You live in a very interesting area. The sunrise picture is soft on the eyes, with the pastels in it. (Meaning the first sunrise picture, in part one.) The land is so nice with the stories to go along with it.

Sandy said...

Your land photos for both posts are marvelous and I equally enjoyed the writing about it all! Well done!