Thursday, May 20, 2010

EMPS: Mostly Say Hooray For Our Side (Part One)

Tonight was the 31 year anniversary of the day John and I got married. We had intended to go out to dinner, but John was hemming and hawing over the specifics. As he flicked through a few cable channels, away from an annoying interview with Rand Paul, he happened upon two local news stories on the same subject. It was Opening Night for the 2010 Tucson Toros! It took us about two minutes to scrap our nebulous dinner plans, and decide to head out to the ballpark instead. On the way out the door I grabbed fresh AA batteries for my camera, because I had an idea for this week's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #90: Sides. How about taking sides at a baseball game?

Action shots at sunset are not my camera's forte.
From Return of the Tucson Toros

Being foolishly concerned with eating the chicken Caesar salad I'd chosen over hot dogs or a barbeque sandwich, I didn't really start taking pictures until daylight began to fade. This is a problem for my camera, which really doesn't do low light conditions very well, especially for action shots. But I tried.

Toros players and coaches watch from the sidelines.

A good size crowd on the first base side.

A bit less of a crowd on the third base visitors' side.

Eventually I discovered a setting on the camera that helped a lot. Hey, I've only had the thing for a year.

So how was the game? Scroll DOWN to Part Two for the answer.



Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!

barrettmanor said...

Happy anniversary, you guys!

Florinda said...

Happy Anniversary, and what a fun way to spend it! I really miss minor-league baseball.

Jama said...

Happy Anniversary Karen and hubby! Ours will be next week, our 32nd years together.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

What a fun way to spend an anniversary! :) Happy Belated Anniversary Wishes To Both Of You! :)

Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your choice of sides, sideline and visitors side! All creative!