Monday, May 10, 2010

EMPS: A Long Way From the Sea

I've decided to shock everyone, and post my response to the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #89: Nautical on an actual Monday. I used to do this back when John Scalzi was hosting the meme, but in recent years I've let it slip rather badly.

Now, when I first saw this topic, I was stumped. After all, I live in the desert! The nearest ocean is over 400 miles away, and I never get there. I'd have to go back to 1986, most likely, to find a photo of a boat, and most of those photos were taken by John.

But my stumpitude only lasted about a minute. Ah, of course! There are always these:

This sort of thing was classic 1950s decor, right down to the color scheme. Yes, I know they're a little crooked. I can't reach them right now to straighten them out.

Of course in a pinch I can always show you some seafood...

...including fish sticks for my next round of fish custard, and some severely freezer-burned shrimp!

How about some piratical jewelry?

Black Rose Kate and her nautical, larcenous accouterments are not around at the moment, but as you see I do have these pins from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

There's also the fact that my mom used to life in a beachfront condo. Perhaps there are some seashells in with her jewelry. Yup - found 'em!

The Sea World clamshell box comes from a pearl diving attraction at Sea World San Diego, probably in 1986. I'm not sure what the gunk is on that one (real) clamshell, but I hope I didn't get it on John's grey blanket!

Finally, there's one guy who can almost always be counted on to wear his sailor suit!

This tiny Donald Duck figure was hard to focus on properly, but you get the general idea.

Best I can do from the middle of the desert!



Suzanne R said...

You did well at finding nautical things in the desert! They are all very interesting. Good job!

Jama said...

Despite not being near the sea, you did a good job in finding alternatives.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

(Insert BIG SMILE here) I love it when you think outside the box! This is a fabulous take on the assignment! "Trust The Gorton's Finsherman," LOL EXCELLENT!