Sunday, May 30, 2010

EMPS: Is It Food Yet? Says the Dog

For Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #91: Ready, Set, Go, I always knew I'd post something that featured the dogs. Well, that or preparations for mass, but I kind of forgot about that this morning until the last minute and then decided against it. I hoped to have some kind of dramatic, frozen action sequence, like the dogs preparing to jump on or off the bed, or trying to catch a fly. In the end, though, that proved too hard for me, the dogs and my camera. So, back up plan, devised last night: feeding the dogs their Sunday breakfast!

John does the honors on Sunday mornings, and here I was, the maniac with the camera, making sudden photographic demands. Plus John was not at all sure the kitchen was presentable enough for the posting of such pictures. In the end, I tried for something a bit experimental in my editing, partly to fit the theme and partly to allow John's concerns. I'm not sure it worked, but here are the pictures anyway!

Get ready: John has measured out dry Beneful Healthy Weight for each dog,
but that's just the first step in feeding them!

Get set: John adds flax seed oil capsules, because we're out of fish oil.
This is to combat dry skin and coats on the dogs, especially Pepper.

This is version 2 of this shot (version 4, really, but who's counting?). Does the solid color work better for you? The red canister, by the way, is where we keep the Beneful so we don't have to dig into the big bag every day.

Go! John has added enough canned Alpo "to make it interesting."
Now for the last step: put the dishes down in each dog's special spot.

And go-go-go! Cayenne digs right in.

But Pepper needs a moment to get ready, make sure it's food, and that
nobody is going to take it away from her. Go for it, Pep!

(This is also a revised version of the shot, going for a more solid color.)

Carly also wanted to see a black and white version of a shot. Here you go. Doesn't that look appetizing? What do you mean, no? This is what Cayenne sees and it doesn't bother her a bit!



Sandy said...

Ready, Set, Go! Meal times for the cats and dogs around here are exciting too. Great idea and a fun way to show it all and ease the worries of a not so ready kitchen. :)

Mike said...

My dogs would be jumping all over me as I was getting that ready. :)