Friday, December 19, 2008

F&FF: Stockings for the Dogs

For Feline and Furball Friday: The dogs react to the stockings I'll be decorating for them over the next day or two. After all, this is their first Christmas with us! You can tell they're excited about the prospect, and know exactly what is going on. Yeah, right.

From the Picasa album Christmas

Be sure to check out Steven's (sometimes)photoblog each Friday for links to the week's cute cat and dog shots. And my you and your pets have a pleasant holiday!



barrettmanor said...

I love the shot of Cayenne with the paw over her eye.

Suzanne R said...

The doggies are very cute with their Christmas goodies, whether they are aware of them or not. ;-)

Theresa said...

Love all of the pictures, but Cayenne looks to be as much of a doggie drama queen as my Trinity is. Must be something with Arizona dogs. Wishing you and the dogs a very good holiday.