Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Stressful Day, and a Fictional Blog

I had a long, difficult day at work today, busy enough and stressful enough that I ranted at some length afterward to a friend in IM. Her response was, "Gee, I wish I were an accountant!" Ha! Hey, I like the actual work. I really do. Even today wasn't actively bad, just overcrowded with demands and distractions and minor crises so that I couldn't get done what I needed to do, even staying late. Yeah, my stress level went up to eleven! But it's been worse, much worse.

Tonight I've worked on the Jace sequel a little bit, edited about a dozen pages of Heirs Ch. 2, checked out a bunch of AOL alerts, and watched Doctor Who, of course.

I also read my way through a fun bit of Doctor Who ancillary material. The current companion, Martha Jones, has a My Space blog! It's one of a number of fictional web sites put up by the BBC, fun intrusions from the Doctor's reality into ours. For example there's a Vote Saxon web site, promoting Harold Saxon's candidacy for Prime Minister. Trust me, you do not want this guy (shown at right) running the U.K.!

But Martha's MySpace is a good read. It starts just over a week before she meets the Doctor, so you get a nice little glimpse of the hectic, reasonably normal life she leaves behind. The conceit of the blog is that she somehow manages to post once a week from wherever she is in time and space, so you get little snippets of backstory and extra stuff that's not on screen, along with what she thinks about it all. I've bookmarked it, and I'll be back.

And Jace is going back online. I know that much about the new story. She and Sandy are going to exchange more emails as part of a completely different adventure. I think it takes place in London in 2013, but there will probably be other times and places involved as well. And no Doctor, unless you count Jace's friend Ken, who is definitely from New Mexico, not Gallifrey.

But it's late now, and I need to get something approaching a good night's sleep in order to get my work done tomorrow. Good night!


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Anonymous said...

I hope things are better today and you can get the work done that you need to do. I hate being interupted when I have things that need to get done or that I need to concentrate on to finish. It definatly increases my stress level.
I am looking forward to more of Jace.