Friday, June 15, 2007

Blochers + Kitchen = Disaster

Weekend Assignment #170: Share a useful tip for the kitchen. It can be about anything from cooking to cleaning, as long as it involves something in the kitchen (which, for the purposes of this assignment, includes the pantry and the table you eat at). Extra credit: You're ten and allowed to cook a meal. What do you cook?

Trust me: I am so not the person to advise you on how to make the most of your kitchen. Neither is John, really. There is a character in the movie Sibling Rivalry who sums up my culinary interests and competence perfectly: "I don't cook. I reheat." So for this topic, I can only serve as a negative example, demonstrating what not to do in the kitchen:

1. Don't put the sausage on medium heat with just a little water, and then leave the room for 10 minutes. Hey, this time it was only 90% my fault. Honest!

2. Don't start refinishing the kitchen cabinets, only to get discouraged and quit before finishing the very first one. (Sorry, John!)

3. Don't buy a quantity of dog food that turns out a week later, after the dog has eaten two cans of the stuff, to be laced with melamine. John and I are not at all convinced at this point that 10-year-old Tuffy is as healthy as ever. We're trying to work up the nerve for the long drive across town (and probably expensive tests) to learn the answer.

4. Don't use the kitchen table for storage. Unless you have to, of course.

On the extra credit, are you asking me to remember back 40 years, or to pretend I'm ten years old now? I think the answer varies, based on which way we go with it. When I was ten, I probably made Franco American spaghetti from a can and added oregano. I could also make tv dinners, or Kraft macaroni and cheese. If I were ten now, though, I would probably do what I do at age 50: throw something in the microwave. Sad but true!



DesLily said...

oh no!.. I hope Tuffy is ok!

Carly said...

Hey Karen

Darlin you are probably going to hate me for this, but you have to STOP multi-tasking every moment of your life. You do. Just go one day where you do one thing at a time and see how much of a difference it really makes. All I am asking is that you try. Just try. I worry that one of these days something is going to happen to you because of the hours, and lack of sleep, and stress you put on yourself.

As for Tuffy. This pushes my buttons big time. That dog depends on you and John. You accepted the responsibility to care for him properly when you got him. That dog deserves nothing less, and should not suffer, or have his condition grow worse because you two can't get up enough courage to get him to a vet. I may have lost Elvis if I had caved to the fear I had of what his condition was. Trust me... the earlier he is diagnosed... them better. It's your responsibility. As for the dog food, you may be intitled to a refund... check with the store and the company that made the food. Don't procrastinate on at least trying to get your money back.

-Carly :(