Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Plant Subplanted

The plan for tonight was to show you some more experimental pictures related to this week's Round Robin theme, "Focus on the Details." There were going to be at least a few photos in the mix that weren't actually of plants, but since then I've gotten sidetracked. That's okay, because it's an interesting sidetrack, much more fun than a picture of the vase!

After all the photos I took yesterday of my favorite indoor plant, I was surprised this afternoon to see something very different in the exact same stretch of hallway. Here's how it looked a little after 6:30 PM:

Hey! Wrong plant! Wrong species of plant, even. What happened to "my" plant? Some cat took my plant away! And the one they left in its place isn't nearly as pretty. Still, it's an interesting, wedge-shaped shadow pattern. All right, then, let's have a more detailed look at those leaves:

Again I like the patterns of light and dark, and the complexity of leaves going "everywhichway." But the leaves themselves remind me of weeds back in Manlius. Still, let's zoom in one more step:

Well, that's kinda neat, but I still don't like it as well as "my" plant. What did they do with it?

Oh, there it is! Other corner of the same tiny stretch of hallway. Except I don't think there's as much light there. I hope it does okay in that spot.

Let's step outside now, for a detailed look at two tree trunks. This one - possibly a sycamore, maybe a cottonwood, what do I know? - has a little tiny new branch near the base of the trunk. Also, the pattern of cracks in the bark give the bottom of the trunk sort of a Tiki-style face. Do you see it?

And for some time I've wanted to show you what a palm tree trunk looks like up close, but most of my pictures of them have been too dark, too far or out of focus. But this one came out okay. And again I see a face pattern in the trunk, in this case kind of a mummy face looking dubious.


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