Friday, February 24, 2006

What Beast Within?

Okay, here's the bit, as introduced by the most famous scientist of the 20th Century:

Yes, we're getting close to the March 1st posting date for the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge. Derek of the journal Derek's Picture of the Day and the blog Through My Eyes suggested the topic:

The subject is "The Animal Inside." Let's take a picture of an animal that really explains us, gives our personality or the animal you would want to be if you could choose. No restrictions, be creative. Maybe even tell us what that animal is thinking or saying.

So, what are you thinking? What animal best describes who you are, or what you want to be? How will you express this photographically? It could be as simple as a picture of your pet, and a brief explanation of how you're alike. (After all, isn't it a cliché that people look like their pets?) Or it can be an elaborate work of photographic trickery - or anywhere in between!

For example, it's obvious what animal dear Albert physically resembled:

Albert the Shaggy Dog
So indulge your inner beast, and express your animal side. Take your pictures, play around with them if you like, and post them this coming Wednesday, March 1st, sometime between midnight and midnight.

Oh, and if you're going to do this, please RSVP, if you haven't already, so we can send people your way!

Thanks, John Scalzi, for the link to the Albert Einstein interactive chalkboard. I've got another Einsteinian message posted to my LiveJournal. Check it out!

Health News:

I had more back spasms and leg cramps today, but the leg was better overall. On the other hand, dressing for Rodeo Days today, as encouraged by the head of HR, was not the best thing for me. It involved jeans that barely fit in my present condition, a bolo tie (no problems with that!) and my short boots. I had trouble even getting the left boot on my foot, and was limping before the day was out.

After work I had a long chat with the other Midnight Accountant. She strongly recommended Weight Watchers (hi, Linda!) and, given my situation, low impact exercise options such as Pilates and pool exercises. We'll see, once I get the swelling down.

And yes, I bought bananas on my way home. When I told John about the spasms and the leg cramps, he said, "Yes, I was afraid of that." He gave me a potassium tablet and a magnesium one, and told me to take one of each twice a day.

There are definite advantages to having a spouse who knows his supplements!


P.S. I owe emails to a few good friends, and I'm a couple days behind in my blog reading again. But I'll catch up over the weekend. I'm not ignoring you, honest!


julie said...

Again, hope you're feeling better. I'm reading your blog instead of copying forms for our Destination Imagination tournament today. So little to do and so much time - wait, reverse that!

TJ said...

Thats funny!