Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Okay. 11:21 PM. I've completed my Round Robin obligations for tonight - I hope! - but I'm falling further and further behind on my FeedBlitz blogs. Blame it on my crazy but necessary hours at work recently. I'll catch up. I will. But probably not until the weekend.

Meanwhile I need to get this post in, and the church blog and schedule page updated. I'm half a week late on the church stuff already, so I really can't put it off any longer.

You know that project I've been working on for the past week, the one that kept me up all night Sunday night and half the night on Saturday and Monday nights? No, you don't, because I haven't explained what it actually is. I won't do so tonight, either. Let's just say that it involves using one program to get two extremely long lists of numbers and other details to match each other in two other programs, based on stacks of paper about six feet high. Well, I finally got it done, sort of, a full day after the drop dead deadline. Yes, I finished entering the numbers in one program and making corrections in the other, based on the spreadsheets I spent a week compiling. No, the numbers don't match. In fact, they're worse than before I started! Now I've got to compare a 40-page printout with my spreadsheets,and find the places where they don't match. And fix them, of course. By noon, preferably. Aargh!

Enough of that. I'm not going to think about it any more tonight (it says here). Instead I'm going to fill out this entry with a few odds and ends, as usual.

Item One: A Personality Test Meme for Someone Who Hates Personality Tests.

It's no secret that I don't generally believe in personality tests, except occasionally for amusement value. As diverse as human nature is, both globally and within any one individual, it's not reasonable to try to fit people into a few little boxes, introvert/extrovert, ESFJ or INTP, chunky or creamy, people who divide the world into two groups of people and people who don't. Heck, I'm introverted and extroverted, depending on the situation, a thinker and a feeler, a universe unto myself. I contain multitudes. AND SO DO YOU.

Nevertheless, I'm intrigued by the one John Scalzi set up for himself the other day. The idea is that you pick six words off a list that you think best describe yourself. Then you get other people to pick six words to describe you. It's interesting to see where people agree and disagree about a single person. I like it because as more people participate, the results are less and less limited. I'm more than my six words. I'm my six words, and the words you use about me too. Unless, of course, you're totally wrong! ;) So anyway, I set one up. Please go pick six words that you think fit me. Then you can see what everyone else picked. And finally, you can set one up for yourself if you like. I promise that if you do it for me, I'll do it for you, too. Just ask!

Here's the link:

Item Two: More from Gallifrey One:

I just want to show you a few more pictures. If you've never watched Buffy or Doctor Who, they won't mean much to you, and the old Mavica didn't take very good photos compared to the Canon I use now. Nevertheless, some of these are kind of interesting:

Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor) tells a story.

Buffy co-star Robia LaMorte (Jenny Calendar) is amused by fellow Buffy alumnus Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson). I wonder if Joss Whedon called the character Calendar because her days were numbered! Both of these actors had their characters killed off, but "Jonathan" the nerd magician lasted quite a bit longer than "Jenny," the technopagan computer teacher.

Janet Fielding (Tehan Jovanka on Doctor Who) tells a story -probably not the same one Sylvester is telling in the other shot. It amuses me to post a picture of her now, because we were unable to publish her likeness in the Doctor Who trading cards in the early 1990s. At the time, she was refusing to participate in anything Who-related, for any money. We had to substitute a picture of a young actress who played Tegan during a temporary de-aging.

The autograph line. I think the wait outside was about 40 minutes, maybe an hour. It was interesting to be surrounded by Paul McGann fans who had met him before, and to watch planes taking off and landing at the airport adjacent to the hotel.

I like Sophie Aldred's expression here. She played Ace, the Seventh Doctor's companion - my favorite Doctor Who compainion ever.

Enough. Much work to do before I sleep! Good night!


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Globetrotter said...

Okay I did it. But I don't want anyone to describe me. And yes, denial would need to be on the list!

I don't follow Buffy and don't even know if they run that series here, so I can't relate to that part.

Good luck getting everything done. You are overworked, girl!