Monday, February 13, 2006

A Note from the Office

my desk as of 10:45 AM.
It's past 3 AM. I've been here at the office for about 11 hours. I probably won't go home before I'm due back at work. I'm pretty sure I can wangle a few hours off for a nap, but first I need to make my deadline - of today.

This is almost certainly my fault. If I'd been more efficient or less obsessive on the spreadsheets that I wrestled with most of the week and weekend, I've have had more time for the other part of the project. Plus I got a late start today because I foolishly read part of a book after I got home late last night, and finished the book after church today. Madness!

I'm finding lots of mistakes, mine and other people's. Foo. But I've got my second wind now. For the moment, anyway. Yes, I know this isn't taking care of myself, but it's crunch time. I'll sleep Monday night, I promise!

It hasn't been all work since I got here this afternoon. The other night owl wanted to chat for a while, and I've been on the phone with Steve, Dad and Ruth and John. Steve is home from the hospital! He's on four medications, which have helped a lot. He swears he will lose the weight, plus he has to go to a sleep clinic. A pacemaker or defib machine may be in his future, but not in the short term. The meds and weight loss may be sufficient without such measures. Steve has the rest of the week off from work, but the doctors think he should ease back into normal activity. Dad gets to go home tomorrow as originally scheduled, in time for Valentine's Day with Ruth.

Photo to follow.

Back to work!

Update: 7:28 AM. I'm due here in half an hour. I won't be late because I won't have gone home - yet. But I'm making serious progress on these stacks of paper, finally!

Update: 11:38 AM. I'm home, after about 19 hours without a break (unless you count that late-night conversation with my co-worker). My numbers are still off, but they're fixable now. I'm going to get some sleep before I tackle them further.



Anonymous said...

I am glad that Steve is home and that the meds and weight loss may take care of it for now. That must be a weight off your mind.
best wishes.

julie said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up for your brother. No go take care of yourself.

Judith HeartSong said...

oh, you are working too hard. Blessings to all.

Gabreael said...

Happy Valentines Day!