Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Things my brain says at times like this when I'm seriously sleep-deprived:

Nickels are weird because you never know what a nickel will do.

If I listen to it, it won't do it.

I'm not sending enough.

I've been yawning forever.

Helps a little better.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us a picture that represents love to you.
Despite the Valentine's Day thing, it doesn't have to be romantic love: It can be love between kids and parents, between siblings, between friends -- heck, it can even be between you and your car, if you want to go that way with it.

Until the wedding photos turn up, I don't have much of anything of John and me together. This is mostly because one or the other of us usually takes the picture! So here are a couple of pictures of my dad instead - then and nowish.

My parents didn't have a very good marriage, for any number of reasons I won't go into here. But I have no doubt that they loved each other, especially early on. I estimate that this photo is from 1949. I've posted it before, but for this occasion I fiddled with the tone values a bit.

The other two pictures are recents ones of Dad and Ruth, which Ruth sent me last year at my request. I wish they were better, but they do clearly show two people who still genuinely love each other after all these years, and enjoy each other's company. They really are a great couple. They've been married for I think thirty years as of this year.

Now I MUST go to bed! Don't try to stop me! I mean it! I'm going! This is me going to bed! Right now! Really!


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