Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend Assignment # 353: Fame (What's Your Name?)

Weekend Assignment # 353: My Fifteen Minutes
Andy Warhol famously said that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Have you had yours? For purposes of this assignment, "fame" includes public speaking, amateur plays, any tv or radio appearance, being a face in the crowd as a movie extra, being mentioned in someone's autobiography, etc.

Extra Credit: Given the opportunity, would you want to be famous for more than fifteen minutes?
Let's see. In chronological order, here are my brushes with, well, if not fame, then momentary media exposure:

In 1965, I appeared in two scenes in my mom's musical revue, DeManleyville '65. My doll Tootles and I shared the role of a doll that came to life at midnight to dance with a physically disabled girl. I also came on stage to cuddle with some wlocal actress while she sang about "the curve of baby's cheek." I was eight years old.

In about 1976, several of us from the local Star Trek club, STAR Syracuse, appeared on a local radio show that was usually about old time radio.

In 1981, somebody had me autograph a copy of Relix Magazine, for which I'd written the cover story about John Lennon.

A couple of times in the 1990s, I appeared on panels at Doctor Who and Quantum Leap conventions. The highlight was when I got to interview a Doctor Who guest star live on stage. In that same era, I co-wrote several articles for Starlog.

In 2005, I got to read a poem I'd written on our community radio station, KXCI.

None of this is in any way significant, except possibly to me. But yes, I'd like to be moderately famous, in one specific area: as the author of the bestselling Mâvarin novels. If I'm ever going to make that happen, I need to get serious again about writing, revising and submitting them.

Folks, I've been really, really busy for the past week, what with buying a car, working at two churches as they prepared for their annual meeting, and driving my visiting Dad about 500 miles in five days. But I'll try to catch up with everyone's blogs in the next few days. Thanks for your patience!


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