Saturday, January 01, 2011

Round Robin: New Stuff for the New Year

Happy New Year! We're celebrating with the latest Round Robin Challenge: Something New. The topic was suggested a year ago by Kathy of Through the Viewfinder, and this seemed like a great time to use it. Here are my newest offerings:

First up, here's the church where I work and worship, St. Michael and All Angels. The building is over 50 years old, but what's that on the upper wall? Someone built a new ladder two weeks ago that complements the adobe style architecture. It leads to the roof above which a brand new Episcopal flag is flying, replacing one that was worn out.

The low-hanging clouds that partly obscured the mountains on Wednesday afternoon dumped a layer of new snow overnight, as seen from in front of my house on Thursday afternoon.

Although it's been the fourth warmest December on record in Tucson, the last few nights it's been about as cold as it ever gets here, as low as 25 degrees F. Go ahead and laugh, northeasterners, but I'm not used to Syracuse weather any more! Last night I sat in front of the tv with a bathrobe over my sweatshirt over my clothes, and wished for a pair of gloves. After a pot luck at St. Michael's early Friday evening, I stopped off at Walgreen's and bought some gloves, and a fleece throw to cover myself with while watching tv on a cold night. And oh, yeah, I bought a Charlie Brown doll that plays the Linus and Lucy theme. I'm probably going to give that to a friend of mine, Kevin, who played the lead in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown back in high school.

Partly because of the problems we had finishing my brother Steve's Christmas present (which I finally mailed today), and partly to take advantage of post-Christmas discounts, I didn't get John any calendars for 2011 until tonight. These probably aren't as cool as a Simpsons calendar or a calendar of vintage travel posters, but they were only $2.00 each.

I got a nice check from my dad for Christmas, and spent part of it on a new edition of one of my favorite Doctor Who stories. It arrived on Thursday.

Now let's go see what's new with the other Robins!


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Scrabblequeen said...

Well, staying up late has its rewards: I get to see your post first! Love the snow on the hills pic. Nice score on the Dr. Who. I'm celebrating the first season of Castle coming to live with me.

Jama said...

The view of the snow capped mountain from your house is simply gorgeous, but as much as I love and gape at snow shots,and enjoyed my escapade to winter country, I still prefer my tropical island.
Happy New Year Karen!

Linda said...

I agree--the view of the mountain is wonderful. I also think that you have the greatest church---and how neat that they made the new ladder in the old style. In the busyness of the season, I'd almost forgotten the challenge---I just posted!

Gattina said...

Nice new things ! and I have to laugh about your weather temperature ! We are freezing, lol !