Saturday, January 15, 2011

Round Robin Challenge: I've Always Wanted To Photograph...Again!

Our latest Round Robin Challenge: I've Always Wanted To Photograph... was first suggested by Steven, former cohost of this meme and ace photographer of the late, lamented(sometimes)photoblog). I don;t think I had anything in particular in mind for myself when I assigned this topic two weeks ago, except, perhaps, to try again for an adequate photo of the moon.

But tonight I was out and about with my Dad, who is in town for the weekend for the first time since 2005. On a whim, I took him for a stroll in Trail Dust Town, a touristy fake western town on Tanque Verde Road that dates back to the 1950s. When I got my first Canon digital camera in March 2005, the first place I took it was to Trail Dust Town in the late afternoon. I hadn't yet charges the camera battery properly, though, and it soon stopped working. I've always wanted to photograph the place again, with a newer camera and working batteries.

The back entrance to Trail Dust Town. From My Tucson

Trail Dust Town is a fascinating mixture of the ostentatiously fake and silly...

...and real artifacts of a bygone era. Probably some of what looks genuinely old dates back only to when a movie was filmed here in the early 1950s (I'm assuming this really happened), but even that is impressive in a Roadside America, kitschy sort of way.

I love old tourist attractions that aren't up to modern standards of flash and realism, and don't really try to be. For example, nobody would accuse the man in the ticket office of the small gauge train depot of being "realistic!" The place is also plastered with reproductions of old posters, photos, advertisements and newspaper clippings.

The architecture is mostly typical fake Old West, but there are a few genuinely nice old buildings in a more upscale style.

And the place features a healthy dose of humor, some of it rather subtle.

Now let's go see what other Robins have always wanted to photograph!

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A quick note - my dad is in town for the first time in five years, and on top of that I'm working at both churches later this morning. My updating is likely to be spotty, and I may not make the rounds until Monday. Please help me out by leaving a comment here once you've posted. Thanks!



Linda said...

What fun!!! I'm glad you and your dad had a chance to do something fun like that together and I love the pics.

Julie @ Another Chance Ranch said...

Oh that looks fun!! I hope to take my dad to NYC one day, and get all kinds of photos of and with him. :) Enjoyed these!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Kitsch is exactly the word for it. It looks like you and your dad were having a great time there. I really like the image with the old bottles against the tin backsplash. That's a great shot!

Scrabblequeen said...

Wish I could visit with my dad! Loved your photos and the idea in general. I was born in Tucson, and visited frequently after we moved (my gran didn't) so I always had a hankering to take my brood to "Old Tucson" for some Wild West fun. Never happened....yet. I posted.