Saturday, October 23, 2010

Round Robin: The Bridges of Pima County

This is one of two posts I'll be doing tonight for Round Robin Challenge: Bridge. Please scroll up to see the other one, entitled "The Snake and the Lizards" (no, really!).

This Round Robin topic was suggested by Steven of the much-missed (sometimes)photoblog at the beginning of 2009. I've been wanted to do it ever since. That was about a year after I did a major photo shoot for a particular bridge at the edge of downtown Tucson. Actually, there were three bridges in and around downtown that I found photogenic. Over the past several years I'd photographed those bridges and at least three others in other parts of Tucson. Here is a sample from my archives. In my other "Bridges" entry, I'll be showing you new pictures of two of the bridges, taken earlier today (Friday).

From My Tucson
From August 2007: Rainbow Over the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

From My Tucson
From September 2007, newly reedited: my favorite old railroad bridge (the Stone Ave. one) in downtown Tucson, at rush hour.

From Sabino Canyon 2009
Here's one of the bridges of Sabino Canyon, built by FDR's depression-era agencies: the ERA, WPA and CCC, by way of economic stimulus. Photo from January 2009.

From Tucson Rain, Floods and Washes 2009

This blue footbridge over Alamo Wash in my neighborhood needs repainting. May 2009.

From Bat Night 2009

In September 2009, thousands of Tucsonans stood under this bridge where Campbell Avenue crosses the dry Rillito riverbed, waiting for thousands of bats to fly away at dusk. Well, why not?

Now let's go see everyone else's bridges!

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Be sure to check out "The Snake and the Lizards" as well!



sunflowerkat321 said...

I feel like I've been on a quick tour of Tucson! Great shots!

Hey, I'd be under that bridge waiting for the bats to fly. How cool!


Sandy said...

Lots of different bridges! Love it!

Monica said...

Love the variety that you found. =)

Linda said...

What a great variety of bridges you captured!!

Linda said...

What a great variety of bridges you captured!!