Saturday, July 17, 2010

EMPS: A Semi-Necessary Summer Treat

Working two part time jobs at once this past week, I haven't had much time to think about Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #98: Summer Treats. But I did buy a few summer treats, and yes, I took pictures of two of them!

As you almost certainly know by now, I live in Tucson. What you may or may not know is that this is the very worst time of year to live in Tucson. In May and June it was hot and dry; now it's hot and the humidity is rising. I'll explain in more detail when I post my entry for Weekend Assignment #327: Beat the Heat!  in a day or two, but for now let's look at two of the treats I've bought to try to cool off!

This is a McDonald's Mixed Berry(?) Smoothie. When I hit the drive through on my way to St. Matthew's the other day, I got this in addition to a large unsweetened ice tea. The person taking the drive through order offered me the smoothie, then misremembered which kind I'd ordered, and then asked whether I wanted it with the yogurt. Well, yes!

Three or four minutes later, the ice tea fell out of my cupholder when I made a left turn, spelling onto the passenger's side floor. I didn't get one sip of it. But the smoothie survived.

This one is more decadent, but I felt I deserved it after a long afternoon of wrangling parishioner pledge entries. I think it's a strawberry banana split shake. Very pretty, but frankly the smoothie was better.

There's one more similar treat I've purchased several times this week but forgot to photograph every time. There's a local chain of restaurants here called eeegee's. They sell subs and fries (with ranch dressing!) and other stuff, but their main claim for fame is the eegee, a frozen fruit drink. The standard flavors are lemon, strawberry and pina colada, and they have a Flavor of the Month as well. I loved last month's Orange Dream flavor, but this month it's Watermelon so I've been getting the Pina Colada. They've also recently brought back egg salad subs, and I've been enjoying those as well.

Anyway, I stopped by my local eegee's just before sunset last week for a small egg salad and a large pina, and noticed that the sun and the clouds were reflected in the front window. So I photographed it. Because in Tucson, photogenic weather is a different kind of summer treat!

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Jama said...

The smoothie and shake would be perfect for my weather right now, it's hot and humid all year long. I always have a tub of ice-cream in my freezer.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Yum, they all sound tasty, and refreshing! I haven't had a smoothie in a long time, but when I saw them advertised at McDonalds, I thought I might grab one soon. Maybe split it with Alan. I LOVE Arby's, but again don't indulge in the sweet stuff too often. I think I would like the Arby's one. It sounds luscious!

:) Carly

hip-chick said...

I had one of the berry smoothies the other day and boy was it good. Those stupid giant ice tea cups always fall out of my drink holders. What a mess.