Saturday, July 31, 2010

EMPS: "Fixing" it in the Edit!

For the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #100: Fun With Editing!, I present a few totally silly edits and a not-so-silly one.

My first attempt. The background is from a year and a half ago, and the bobcats are from last week.


I spent all night on this, but I'm not quite satisfied. Somehow, as busy as it is, it needs more...something. Oh, I know! I forgot to include a notice of the park rules!


Lovely. Incidentally, there was a guy in the original shot bending over at the water's edge with his butt showing. I added Ganesha (from the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland) to block him out of the picture. It seemed rude to post such an unflattering image of him, whereas his companion in the chair was too photogenic to pass up. Speaking of whom....

Here's a more straightforward edit, at least insofar and I didn't paste in any elements from other pictures. I used a watercolor effect, and a paintbucket to change the color of the water. The caption is doubled up to make the lettering a little thicker.

I actually have done a fair number of FX shots over the years, including a brain in a frying pan with flames coming up from the burner, another one of me on the moon (sort of), a vortex in the sky and so on. You can see a fairly complete collection here. Mostly, though, I've been doing Doctor Who photo manipulations for Gallifrey Base. Some of these have elements from my own photos, some not. That set is here.

And here's a last-minute addition:

Cayenne and Pepper meet the jumbo bunny.



Jama said...

I love the first one!

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Aww, what cute photos! The bobcat made me laugh. Cats would hold picket signs if they could! And it's always fun with the pups join in. well done, and nice new template.