Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EMPS: Another Night at Kon Tiki

Yesterday I posted the results of my first, somewhat unsuccessful stab at an entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #38: Night Shots!. Last night, for John's and my 30th Anniversary, we were back at the Kon Tiki restaurant, one of my favorite places for night shots. After dinner (Manuu with chicken for John, Hawaiian ribs and coconut shrimp for me), I took a handful of shots of a concrete Tiki head and other likely photographic targets. Let's take a look!

From the Picasa album EMPS

This guy, to the right of the entrance, inevitably needs a touch-up. This flash shot shows that, but also its rather striking design and coloring. The first time I photographed it, the colors and markings were completely different, and not nearly as good.

On automatic, with the flash turned off, the camera delivers a picture that's almost completely black, much darker than what appears in the viewfinder before the button is pressed. When I autoenhance with PhotoStudio, the result is kind of interesting and spooky.

This is the same shot, with a watercolor effect added. It ends up looking like a monochromatic version of paint by number.

Turning the dial on my camera, I belatedly found a "night shot" setting. D'oh! It still needed lightening, but it's much better. I've also saturated the image a bit.

I've written about the Kon Tiki a number of times before. First opened about 1961, it's a wonder of midcentury tiki decor, refurbished a few years ago by someone who specializes in tiki bar goodness. It's mostly famous locally for cheap and lethal tropical drinks, but its national claim to fame is as one of the surviving examples of the early 1960s tiki craze. The food's good, too. If you're ever in Tucson, you should go.

Anyway, it's in a midcentury modern shopping center and office building. This locked entrance to the offices is right near the Kon Tiki entrance.

And here's the main sign, again with the night shot setting. I like how this came out.


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Jama said...

I've yet to go out after dusk these few days, so I took some shots from my kitchen's window yesterday. Going to upload that now.
Mine also not DSLR, I'm using the manual setting, slow shutter speed and bump up the ISO, no flash and importantly use a tripod.