Friday, May 08, 2009

F&FFF: Canine Encounters

For Felines with Feathers plus Furballs Friday!:

I deliberately held back some dog pictures from recent entries in order to spotlight them here. Let's get started!

The dogs want to know what gophers, birds, etc, may be lurking at the
base of this olive tree in Reid Park.
From the Picasa album Canine Encounters

Similarly, their only interest in these flowers is in the birds hopping around nearby.

Pepper sees the ducks, but is fairly blase about them after all our encounters.

Ooh! Can I pet the doggie? Cayenne snapped and backed away,
but Pepper was fine with these kids.

The little girl is more interested in the camera than in Pepper.

Posing for the picture.

The dogs wait as a Tucson Toros staff member investigates details of
seating arrangements for the team's Golden Baseball League debut.

There's always something to see when the dogs hang out in Reid Park.

I could not get them to pose over the Colorado Rockies logo. Must not be fans!

The new Weekend Assignment entry will follow, probably after I've slept.



Astaryth said...

I love the photo (third from bottom) with Pepper looking up.

Suzanne R said...

As always, very cute pictures of the dogs. I like the way they busily investigate so many things, while on the other hand they also are quite relaxed about others (like the ducks). They are interesting little furry people.