Monday, May 04, 2009

Missing Evidence

Well, foo. I took a couple of nice pictures on Sunday of parts of the Aeolian-Skinner organ at St. Michael's, and later in the day grabbed a couple quick and not-so-good shots out the car window for this entry. Tonight, after the second or third reboot when my computer ground to a halt, again, I uninstalled the software that came with my new Canon digital camera, in hope that that was the source of the problem. When I plugged in the camera, I was offered three options, and foolishly chose to transfer files using Windows itself.

Windows promptly transferred the six files to NOWHERE AT ALL, and deleted the originals off my camera's memory card.

Seriously. I had Windows search three hard drives for what would have been the name of the first of the organ shot files, and manually searched all the likely places. The six photos are gone forever. So this entry has no photo, to the relief of slow-loading internet connections everywhere.

But Paul and Jama are correct, as best I can tell. Two blocks or so after I photographed all that mysterious debris in the sky, I passed Thoroughbred Nisson on 22nd St. There were having some kind of event. There was a striped tent, and a largish crowd, and a banner that said something about keeping Tucson children in their homes, whatever that means, something salutory I'm sure. And there were balloons, hundreds of them - but, I imagine, there were hundreds more a few minutes earlier!

Now to me, the junk in the photos in the entry below this one don't look like balloons at all. I see no hint of color, and they look too small. But I must admit that, on the evidence, that is what they must have been!

Oh, and by the way, uninstalling those Canon apps does not appear to have solve my computer problem. Sigh.



Dee said...

Sounds like your card reader is seriously messed up, like with an addressing problem. I am no Windows guru, nor Mac, but that's what comes to mind.

However, the 'keep Tuscon children in Their Homes' thing could be either a response to overzealous Child Protective Svcs or Swine Flu scare tactics. Seen both here on the East Coast.

Kiva said...

I sympathize. It must be disappearing files week. I just lost a whole webpage with all the pictures on it and I can't find either it or the original pictures on the computer or on the backup disk. Something is a bit fishy here.

Please take another pix of the organ. I love those things.

Jama said...

I've never lost photos but downloaded documents yes, I simply cannot find it! but you know what, somehow I found it a few days later when I wasn't actually looking specifically for it!