Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strange Shots and Non News

I had hoped to jump in tonight on Martha's new photo meme, "Strange Shots," but nothing much is jumping out at me in my archive. So here's a down payment on that, with hope that I come up with better stuff later, preferably after sleep.

Cayenne has no head! Pepper doesn't want to look.

This shot through the car window came out pleasantly wonky.

I seem to meet dinosaurs fairly often. This shot is unedited except for size.

The big news at 6:30 AM Tuesday was that I lost my phone. Disaster! I had only been to the dog park and Safeway, but I searched the house and the car to no avail. John dialed the number, twice, in the hope we would hear it ringing. He got a busy signal the first time, dialed back, and let it ring until my voicemail picked up. No sound in the house of a ringing phone. Arrgh!

I have to have my phone, because it's my contact number for recruiters, prospective employers, medical folks and a smattering of friends. So I got dressed and waited for 7 AM so I could go to Safeway and Reid Park to try to track it down. About five of, I went out to the car...

...and there it was, upside down on the floor on the driver's side. But I had looked there! Really! But at least it turned up eventually. I had been about to go to bed when I failed to find it, but was too upset afterward to go to bed for two more hours.

When I was awake again, I called my recruiter about last Friday's job interview. There is no definitive answer yet, but it's looking good. There's a licensing rigmarole to go through because of the specific industry (and no, I won't name the industry if I get the job), but I hope to be gainfully employed by the end of December.

Pigeons eat the grass, alas.

And here's a semi-strange shot by way of an update on the current attempt to make the blocked off half of Miko's Corner Playground dog park greener. They've been soaking it for a week, and now I think they've added grass seed. At least, that what I assume dozens of pigeons and mourning doves are feasting on!

Edited to add:

UFOs? Nope. Handheld camera.

Spooky rutabagas.



DesLily said...

Happy Thanksgiving Karen. I hope you and your family (the dogs are kids right?!) have a wonderful Turkey Day!!

The Cheshire Cat said...

Are you sure you had already looked for your phone there? I always find something in the last place I look for it :) Glad it turned up.Liz

Martha said...

Hi Karen,
I was so excited to see you playing along! I knew you could come up with some good ones. That first one is just freaky, LOL!
Glad you found your phone! :-)

Florinda said...

I did the same thing with my cell phone a few months ago, and totally freaked out. I was sure I had looked in the car too.

Glad things are looking promising on the job front. Happy Thanksgiving!

a corgi said...

I liked your strange shots! I told Martha that I would check out all the people who posted a picture for her challenge; I've seen a lot of good strange shots!

glad you found your cell phone :)