Saturday, November 01, 2008

Round Robin: Food, Glorious and Otherwise

I should have bought bananas, not just photographed them.

This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge, "Food, Glorious Food!" comes to us from Carly of Ellipsis. On that subject, I'm afraid I'm feeling a little like the kids in Oliver! these days. The food I've been eating is more varied and plentiful than the gruel fed to the starving orphans, but I'm still feeling a bit deprived. I've been unemployed nearly two months. We don't eat out, don't buy high-end food, and don't cook anything very nice or fancy, let alone glorious. Here, let me show you:

Cheap food. I hadn't bought anything "Helper" in a decade at least.

The other night I came home from Safeway with cheap, carb-based food extenders. We probably won't do this often, though. I made high-end tuna casserole that night with baby peas and pimento and low-fat chips, but John didn't like it much. He probably won't like these, either.

Dinner quickly scrounged between trick or treaters.

I was so busy getting ready for Halloween that my "breakfast" was peanut butter on a slice of bread, and lunch (at 6:30 PM or so) was what you see above: Lean Cuisine lasagna ($1.88 on sale), pumpkin ice cream and my last can of diet cranberry Sierra Mist.

Leftover candy. I hope to donate it to Democratic HQ.

I spent most of Thursday night bagging 100 treat bags - one trading card, one plastic coin, two toys and two pieces of candy in each. (Nearly everything but the candy was left over from past years.) Most years we've had 75 to 100 kids, but this year we had 52. Many of the kids have been siphoned off in recent years by the Assembly of God church nearby staging a Fall Festival to deliberately keep kids away from Halloween. At least this year their P.A. with its cake walk announcements and bad music couldn't be heard inside our house. Much.

Anyway, I've pulled the leftover candy and kept everything else bagged. Assuming John hasn't eaten or thrown it away by then, I'll donate it to the Pima County Democratic HQ, to help fuel volunteers during the Get Out the Vote effort.

I have photographed nice meals in happier times, mostly in restaurants. From my archives:

Spinach dip and pot roast sandwich at a brew pub, 2007.

I occasionally take a lonely friend out to lunch. Or rather, I did when I was still employed. In January 20o7 we ended up at a brew pub on Oracle Road, where I tried their pot roast sandwich on sourdough bread. Yes it was good. Yes indeed.

"Elvis Style" Cheeseburger with peanut butter and banana, 2006.

A few days before Christmas in 2006, the same friend and I went to a retro diner. They offered their cheeseburger "Elvis style." Intrigued by the combination of beef and peanut butter, I went ahead and got it--and liked it. I'd like one right now, actually. Heck, when I was a kid I insisted for a while that bologna and peanut butter with lettuce and mustard was my favorite kind of sandwich.

Mexican style lobster combo, 2006.

It was my birthday that we were celebrating when two other friends and I went to Rockin' Baja Lobster one day in 2007. It was my second visit to the place; the first was in early December 2006, when I snapped this picture after donating blood nearby. The food was a little spicy by my standards, but good, and the service was excellent. The place went out of business a day or two after the birthday visit. Astonishingly, that's the second time I've unwittingly been one of a restaurant's last customers.

John hates it when I cook! But I bought steak anyway.

Now, I don't want you to think that with this unemployment situation I'm eating nothing but junk. I splurged tonight on two small steaks for $3.22. Oh, drat! I should have bought mushrooms. Back to Safeway, I guess. While I'm there I think I'll get a banana, too, for my cheeseburger with peanut butter.


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barrettmanor said...

Ack! I was going to RSVP for this one. I'll put up a comment at the RR blog when I get it posted. I shot some food on Tuesday and then moved it to the computer and totally forgot about it. It's not like it's been a quiet week here. ;-)

I'm totally with you on eating on the cheap. That was one of the things I was going to blog about in my RR, so I'll save it for there.

Nancy said... always outdo yourself!
I don't know which looks better to me right now..the burger or the candy.
I really like some of the lines you got with many of these pics


Wammy said...

I guess I am going tohave to try an Elvis burger. I love peanutbutter and bannana sandwiches. We have been in your place more than a few times...we ate green beans that we canned for every meal once. We ate a lot of crumbs until we got back on our feet. Looks like ayou have a plan. I
ll pray that you find a job soon and you menus vary a little also. Keep your chin up.

barrettmanor said...

Well, never mind. The picture didn't come out well at all.

just me said...

I still love peanut butter, bolonga and mustard sandwichs. I will have to try and Elvis burger.

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! So many yummy things!

I played too :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope something good happens with your job search soon. Great photos:)

ellen b said...

Hope you find a job soon...and enjoy those steaks with mushrooms!

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Goodness, those steaks look delicious! I like putting mushrooms on my steaks too.


Jama said...

I'm salivating here looking at the food photos, they are simply irresistible!
My family love to eat bananas, if I buy them for baking cakes/muffins I must hide them, otherwise the 'monkeys' will attack them first !

Sandra said...

wonderful food photos. And I empathize with your efforts to sway those who are politically stubborn. It's a straight up hill battle, one that I have given up on. (I do get my religious family going with his name means "Blessed, Good". Hee hee...

Janet said...

mmmmm, this is a tough one for this Weight Watching gal! Everything looks good, especially that brew pub sandwich!