Thursday, November 13, 2008

Final Evidence that Cayenne Is An Alien

For Feline and Furball Friday, hosted by Steven on (sometimes)photoblog.

The story so far:

Syracuse, circa 1978: the guy in The Vincent Apartments, Apartment 1A (I call him "John from 1A" or "John Juanee") tells me that dogs are aliens, benignly observing humans.

Syracuse, circa 1979: Weekly World News headline: "How To Tell If Your Dog Is a Space Alien."

Jenny, Noodle, and Tuffy never showed any alien tendencies. Pepper has had her moments, but overall she seems pretty Earthbound. Cayenne (affectionately known as Cay-Cay) is a different story. Let's examine the photographic evidence:

Even Pepper seems suspicious.

Right after the Star Trek DVD incident.

This one was taken just this week.

Still not convinced? Then check out this sunset photo from tonight. This is not an FX shot (none of these are, by the way). All I did to the photo below was crop, resize and sharpen.

Aagghh! Those eyes!

And here's the same image, cropped further to get a closeup:

Scary, huh?

Fortunately, John Juanee was right. Aside from the incident with the trolls, she seems to be a benign presence.


No news today on the health front; my doctor's office didn't call, so the test has not been scheduled. I did hear from my main recruiter today, though. I have a lead on a temp-to-hire job for .50 less per hour than what I was making before. I can live with that! I'll let you know if and when I get that interview.


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Call me Paul said...

Holy crap! Your dog has "layzers" in her eyes.