Sunday, December 23, 2007

So This Is Christmas - And What Have You Done?

Well, I finally did some shopping. I got to the Store With the Traffic and the Store I Like Better, and made purchases at both. I also got to the Store That's Always Full of Bottlenecks, and the Store for the Other Blocher, and bought stuff at both of those as well. See? Along the way I bought a few things for John, and remembered some stuff he actually asked for previously, one of which I'm definitely not going to be able to get. Still, I've made progress! And I got the Angel Tree gift, and something for Tuffy. I almost bought a telescope and microscope set for my godson, but when I consulted John he advised me to go with my previous plan of Amazon plus sending along late the gift I purchased months ago. So that's what I'll do. Got to listen to his advice once in a while!

We still haven't done any decorating, though, or even decided for sure what tree to put up and where. I'm kind of hoping for the white one in the front room and the silver one in the den. Meanwhile, the tres moderne cone above, which John bought a month ago, is the only decoration we have up.

I did download a new Christmas Doctor Who story Friday night by Paul Cornell (who wrote Human Nature). I pasted it into a file to print out without the ads and read away from the computer. Good little story, but perhaps not his best stuff. And tonight I see I've gotten sauce on the paper from tonight's egg foo young. Drat. Good news is that I finally retrieved this salt and pepper set that John bought weeks ago. It was loose and upside down in the trunk of my car.

Tomorrow I may or may not be getting together with a friend in the afternoon. I also plan to get my Amazon stuff done, and email my godson's mom, and write my long-delayed latter to my friend who dumped me. But first I must sleep. Good night!


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