Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Distant Snow and Disastrous Shoes

I would have started on this entry earlier had I remembered that I took over 30 pictures while I was out taking Tuffy to the vet. There was snow on the mountains, and I was trying to get a decent shot of that. I never quite managed it, but I'm posting two of the better attempts anyway.

Tuffy still has an infected and inflamed tongue. This accounts for her stinky breath, a symptom I don't think I've mentioned here until now. The vet gave her more prednisone at a lower dose, plus a sort of doggy mouthwash we're supposed to squirt into her mouth with a syringe. There were supposed to be antibiotics too, but they weren't in the bag. John will have to pick those up on his way home from work.

At the office this morning I noticed that my right shoe felt a little odd on my foot, and was sticking to the floor a bit. When I looked at the sole, I saw a huge split in the plastic, exposing a piece of metal and shredding the heel. Later in the day I noticed the same thing on the other shoe, although not as severe. These were $40 or $50 shoes from Payless, about three months old. I paid more than usual, and got inferior shoes, clearly! That's certainly the most sudden and extreme Gratuitous Shoe Failure (GSF) I've ever experienced. Well, okay, they were worn down, but I've never seen another pair of shoes split down the middle like that.

Tonight I therefore went to Wal-Mart, where I usually buy shows if they're not out of everything decent in my size. As you can see, my size is currently Men's 10 1/2 Wide. It's a little tricky getting a men's show that looks acceptable on a woman in an office setting, but that's what I have to do.

No big thematic wrap up tonight, or even a decent rant. Sorry. Good night!

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