Sunday, April 09, 2006

Religion, The Internet, and My Utter Lack of Discipline

Where did the day go? Yes, I slept past noon, but what happened after that? All I know is that I've barely left the computer all day, except to take delivery on our new couch, start a load of laundry, and visit Sweet Tomatoes for my only meal.

So what have I accomplished? I dunno. I know I tinkered with the Wikipedia entry for A Wrinkle in Time, (and a corresponding change on the L'Engle entry), for which I did a little research in two of her books. I also updated my L'Engle FAQ page, which had a few errors in chronology before. None of these changes were major or extensive ones. I browsed a few web pages that mentioned L'Engle's spiritual advisor, the late Canon Edward Nason West. (Her character, Canon Tallis, is based on West.) That led me to the blog of an Episcopal priest, which in turn led me to an Episcopal blogging web ring. I added the St. Michael's news blog, the St. Michael's arts blog, and the Outpost to the web ring. Then I finished updating the St. Michael's Schedule page, six days late(!), posted the announcements to the news blog, also six days late, and posted my first new entry since November to the St. Michael's Arts blog. The Arts entry was about these:

These are goose eggs, decorated by parishioner and choir member Mary Urich. I photographed them shortly after Christmas at the St. Michael's coffee hour after the 10 AM Mass, but never got any of the photos edited or uploaded until tonight.

Tomorrow I plan to post an edited version of my Signs series of entries to the St. Michael's Arts blog. Better late than never, right?

After the eggs and announcements, I posted the very last installment of the first two chapters of Heirs of Mâvarin to my fiction blog. Nobody has suggested what the heck I should post starting next week. My suspicion is that only one or two people are reading that blog, and they have no opinion on the subject. Prove me wrong, folks! Tell me whether I should go back to posting short pieces written by the Mâvarin characters, or start another serial, or do random fiction about something else.

And then I started this entry. Where did the day go?

Today will be Palm Sunday. Lent is almost over. I haven't done well. I've managed to stay out of the food machines at work, but I've been a miserable failure at getting to bed earlier. I haven't been to the gym, and I haven't been to confession, and I haven't read the Gospels, and I haven't caught up the Sermons page. I've got to do better!

I did get out to the home of an elderly parishioner last night. Someone had recommended me as a computer guru, and she wanted me to come out and help her with her laptop. I was willing to go, but dubious about my ability to do her any good. I'm not an IT person. Sure, I've been using computers ever since getting a Commodore 64 in 1985, but I don't know much about recovering damaged files, or setting up networks, or any number of other things real computer experts do.

But I went there anyway, and it was a rewarding visit for both of us. She had a beautiful home, with an extraordinary art collection. It turns out she's a world traveler, a lecturer on Byzantine Art and other subjects. I was able to help her with little stuff: how to take the mute off the sound control, what the message about an expired antivirus subscription meant, how to determine whether her CD drive was a burner (it wasn't), how to email her photos to me so I can put them on CD for her, and, most important, how to cope with old word processing files that aren't fully compatible with her corrent version of Word. I showed her how to add a .txt extension, and that the real text was still in each file, surrounded by the program formatting garbage she called "heiroglyphics." So yeah, to my great relief, I was able to help her after all. Afterward I explained about Wikipedia to the elderly academic and her housemate. They were fascinated by the idea of an encyclopedia anyone could write. Margaret was concerned, though, in case someone deliberately wrote something plausible but untrue on a relatively obscure subject, such as Byzantine art. She concluded that one should confirm the information elsewhere. Sounds sensible to me!

Still, Here's another day in which I didn't get done some of the stuff I meant to do. There's a religious component to the L'Engle writing, and I did get a few overdue tasks accomplied for St. Michael's. But really, I'm easily distracted - or, rather, I'm too easily way too focused on the wrong things. When will I learn to do the stuff I should be doing, before taking on something else?


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Gaboatman said...

I don't know, but it sounds to me like you spent yesterday doing exactly what you wanted to. That doesn't sound bad at all. The lady you helped sounds interesting. The goose eggs look pretty. I'd love to see themhanging on my tree.

Anonymous said...

Those goose eggs are beautiful. The lady you helped sounds like she would be really interesting. I imagine she has lots of interesting photos that she will be sending to have you burn onto disk. As far as what you write in the other journal here is my 2 cents worth I would like to see you start another serial or do some ramdom fiction. Your story about Kate was great and it would be interesting to hear about someone else who shows up to visit you. Either way I know it will be good.
Barbara (

Sarah said...

the eggs are boo-tee-ful.

julie said...

Those are gorgeous eggs.

I'm in a similar boat as you. Things that need to be done are not getting done. I may allow myself the afternoon off, but the Deadline Of Doom(TM) is approaching.