Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't Take Away My Blog - or My Camera!

Weekend Assignment #107: Which recent piece of technology would you miss the most if it suddenly disappeared tomorrow? By "recent," I mean in the last two decades or so (if you didn't have it in 1986, you can't have it now). You can also consider tech which did exist in 1986 but wasn't in common usage. For example, the Internet existed in 1986, but no one except a few geek at universities used it. Any tech is up for consideration, whether it be consumer tech, medical tech, security tech, or whatever.

Extra Credit: If you were cut off from the Internet (like, say, me), how long would it take for you to go completely insane?

Same answer on the main qustion and the extra credit. Cell (PCS) phone? Eh. iPod? I can make do. Laptop? Slight tremor there, but a desktop computer is acceptable, as long as it's not a 1986 model (Commodore 64, Mac SE, or something that runs DOS). But don't take away my Internet connection, and more specifically, blogging platform (Blogger). I've blogged from a hotel across the street from Disneyland, I've blogged at work (shame on me!), and I've sure as heck blogged from home. Yes, I'd probably have a major meltdown in less than 24 hours if I couldn't go online.

I'd say more about this, but I really really really need to go to bed now. Church (Maundy Thursday and, later, vigil at the Altar of Repose) and Round Robin stuff have eaten up many hours tonight. I'm not complaining, but I have no ends left to burn on this candle.

One thing I do want to mention in passing is the other technological innovation that really matters to me. Back at the very end of February, you may recall, my Canon digital camera died on me. I immediately demanded a replacement for my birthday. Even a few days with just an outdated Mavica digital camera was surprisingly painful.

Speaking of photos, it's time to get this out of the way. In response to almost no demand, here are the answers to the Monday Photo Shoot identifications:

chair at MVD

A) Seat of a plastic chair at ADOT MVD

potting material
B) potting material in base of large potted plant in hallway of Unnamed Largish Company

leaf of large potted plant
C) large, out of focus leaf of a totally different large indoor plant in a different hallway of Unnamed Largish Company

vending machine buttonD) button on soda-dispensing vending machine at Unnamed Largish Company

chollaE) branch and needles of a large cholla cactus in front of St. Michael's.

water bottle
F) unopened bottle of spring water on top of my refrigerator, with red print on the box behind it.

More later. Tomorrow is Good Friday, though, so my entry may be late and (relatively) short - like this one!


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julie said...

I could pull out my old dark room equipment (gasp!) and live with a print camera, but I'm like you on Internet access. Anything that allows me to do business is important. I rarely do business on the cell phone, but as an emergency tool it's indispensible.

julie said...

I said a "print" camera. I meant a film camera, obviously. Must have more coffee...

(Hope you've got today off, though I'm sure it's busy for you at the church.)

DesLily said...

If i had a little more cash to spend and a car to get to the store I'd still use my old canon.. i love the digital but i still get better photo's with the old camera and zoom lens lol..

I think the potting stuff is called spagnum moss...