Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Animal Demonstrations

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of yourself (or someone you know) reproducing one (or more!) of moods in the AOL Journals Mood Menu.

Scalzi reminds up that the options are: Happy, Mischievous, Worried, Silly, Surprised, Flirtatious, Silly, Ecstatic, Frustrated, Loopy, Embarrassed, Hopeful, Anxious, Sad, Quiet and Chillin'.

I actually got home at midnight, but silly, me, I've just spent over 2 1/2 hours editing today's 146 photos. Now I've got to rush this entry and get to bed, so I can get up and work in the morning!

Okay: selected moods demonstrated by my new friends in New Mexico, the band of Pronghorns grazing on the plateau that contains the many parabolic dish antennae of the Very Large Array radio telescope:

Flirtatious (or possibly Surprised)

Anxious (to get away from me, anyway)

Chillin' (I hate that term)

And here are a few more, demonstrated by my bunny (Eastern Cottontail) friends at the Very Large Array:

(Vewy Vewy) Quiet

Worried (about the woman with the camera)

To be honest, I've always felt AOL's range of moods is rather limited. Where is Curious? Creative? Tired? Reluctant? Angry? The LiveJournal list is much more extensive, and I use it, when I get around to posting there at all. The AOL one, which I abandoned after about a month, is in serious need of an upgrade. Perhaps it will get one.

Of couse, Blogspot doesn't even have a formal mood system. I don't miss it.

Tomorrow night I do my just post-midnight Round Robin entry for the topic "Holy." As you may have guessed, my photos for it will be from the New Mexico trip. After that, I'm sure I'll have several more entries until I get caught up with it all, featuring

  • a ghost town and abandoned mine
  • a real wild west town with real marshalls
  • a site too big to see (but I tried)
  • a grand river

...and whatever else I happen to think of as I go through my pictures. Good night!


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Carly said...

Beautiful animal photos. Love the bunny, look at those big ears! :)

DesLily said...

I can't believe you did this lol.. i totally was considering doing that with cat photos!! lol.. whelp, I don't want to kill the animal idea so I'll let you have it hahahaha.. I only had one or two good shots anyway which is why they never got up..

Ummm that's a lot of pictures you editied... you do realize I am on dialup right? lol..

Becky said...

Hee hee! Good one!

TJ said...

Hey that was perfect...I miss doing Salzi photo chgallenge. I focus on yours and Carly's after the move.
You always have some intersting pictures...Thanks for the smiles.
See ya for the Holy challenge.
Love TJ

Bea said...

your animal photos showing "moods" were cute. I never use the moods in my blog for the reasons you mention: I don't like "chillin" or loopy, and there aren't many that I would say reflect my mood. Your suggestions for curious and creative are good. I'd add doubtful, empty, burned-out, and thoughtful or reflective. I'm about to start chapter 3. Thanks for sending it to me. Bea

Sassy said...

I love love the wild bunny shots!
Sass;-) PS. glad you had such a good trip!