Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hot Weather, Pretty Sunsets and Too Much Email

I have been whittling away at the email on my main screen name - the one I check obsessively a zillion times a day - ever since I got home tonight. I even got through a few of the messages during a break at work. The results are as follows:
  • I've gotten that mailbox down from over 60 messages, if memory serves, to just ten.
  • I've checked every announced Round Robin participant's blog at least once, and left comments on every RR entry I found.
  • I've removed a picture of my foot after John griped about how you probably don't want to see that.
  • I've gotten through several days' worth of FeedBlitz alerts, and most of my AOL Alerts
  • I've spent at least an hour reading this thread, and leaving three comments.
  • I've done a brief LJ entry about the above thread.
  • I've stayed up too late again, and haven't posted here yet.
My plan for this entry was to string together the fact that it got up to about 90 degrees here today with the continuing wonderfulness of Tucson sunsets. I was going to consider at length the theory that it's worth suffering through 100 days of 100 degrees or higher (or whatever the actual stats are) in order to get the great scenery and sunsets and wonderful warm winters. But the heck with it. I need sleep more than I need to draw out the pros and cons of Tucson into a 2 AM essay. So here instead are some sunset pics I took on Monday. Enjoy.

I started with the automatic setting, and then proceeded to the "normal" sunset scene setting, followed by the "effect 1" sunset setting. However, I have no idea which setting was used on which photos, beyond the general idea that the earlier ones probably aren't "effect" shots...

...and the really purple one probably is an effect shot. I may have switched back to the normal setting at some point.

None of these photos have been edited, except for resizing.

Well, I guess it's worth the 90 degree day today. It may even be worth the hot summer to come.

Good night.


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DesLily said...

wow.. i can't say you'd see a sunset like that around New Jersey LOL.. beautiful Karen.. nice shots.

I will try the scrambled letters and see what happens..thanks for the input.(but i really hate doing them! lol)

Chris said...

Wow! Gorgeous sunset! I don't see many of those in L.A., but since the sky is unusually clear today, we are going to the beach this afternoon for late lunch/early dinner with the kids and hopefully we'll see a halfway decent sunset before the rain moves in tonight. I love your photos of the sunsets, mountains, etc. Makes me want to move there!

Chris said...

Wow. Those are GORGEOUS pictures of sunset. I know red skies at night are supposed to be a sailors delight, but those look ominous.

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