Saturday, March 08, 2014

Round Robin: Hot As Sun

For the Round Robin Challenge: Hot Stuff, I asked to see something hot - by any definition of the word. I think I had vague plans to photograph something involving chili peppers, but as busy as I've been these last two weeks, and given that I don't eat hot peppers and John didn't happen to bring any into the house recently, it didn't happen. So I'm going to have to reach into my archives for appropriate images!

Fortunately, I don't seem to have posted some rather spectacular photos I took four years ago of one of the hottest things going - the sun! I was trying to photograph airplanes flying over our neighborhood during an air show, but the sun turned out to be the real star of the day.

Much longer ago, back in May 2007, I got anther nice shot of the sun that I appear not to have posted:

That'll do, Sun.

Now let's see what Hot Stuff the other Robins found!

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Forestwood Amanda said...

Thanks for the nice welcome, I really like your blog posts. Great interpretation of the theme.

Ellen said...

The Sun is certainly HOT, and you've captured it nicely.

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

You get such brutal heat in AZ I don't think I would last long! Melt. But it's a tradeoff, you also get to engage in more awesome activities. It's all good!

Jama said...

we are having a drought here, hardly any rain since a month ago and the grass are parched and died!! hopefully rain will come soon.