Saturday, March 22, 2014

Round Robin: Green and Growing

As usual, when I posted the topic for this week's Round Robin Challenge: Being Green, I had vague but ambitious ideas for what I personally was going to post. No St. Patrick's decor for me, no random green objects. No, I was going to show you that the desert can be green! At least, that's what I think I was thinking!

The desert near Biosphere 2, outside Oracle, Arizona.

But March is not the greenest time of year for Arizona, and my drive with Dad up to Oracle, Arizona last weekend was not the greenest area to drive through. Besides, my iPhone ran out of storage and my Canon was acting up, and the sun was in my eyes. No, really, it was. I got almost no decent shots that day, certainly nothing especially green.

 Gates Pass, March 8th, with an impatient motorcyclist speeding away.

I did a little better the week before that, photographing Gates Pass while driving it - which is not the safest thing in the world to do!

So, anyway, tonight I was looking around for something green indoors, and I happened to notice our little jungle of indoor plants against a midcentury modern pair of matching curtains. That would have to do, I thought. 

But in case that wasn't good enough, I added my dragon bank that I've had since 1970, and a teal clock.

Still, my photo archives can usually be counted on to give me what I want. Here is a shot taken at Saguaro National Park East on June 1, 2013.

And another one taken at the bird feeders in Madera Canyon on June 8, 2013. The big black bird is a wild turkey.

Is that green enough? If not, I'll try to do better after it rains.


Now let's see all the green things!

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Carly said...

Hi Karen

I keep forgetting that some cactus are green, I always picture them brown for some reason. Some produce the most lovely flowers. :) Love the green pots, green has always been a favorite color. :) I liked this round very much!

Jama said...

I enjoyed looking at the photos very much, Karen. We had a little drought recently, with almost no rain at all since January and most of the grass turned brown and died. Thank God for the several days of rain and they are back to green.